Band Name Fodder

Most of these are "found English" -- heard on a TV show, seen on a package, found in Everything, and so forth. Jon and I started keeping a list, and others such as Ben Ostrowsky (especially with the list from the computer game "Popstar") and Sean Michael Shaffer contributed to it. Since I put tracking software on my site, I've even taken some of the phrases people have searched for and gotten to one of my pages. We've used a few of these as names for College Bowl teams, and we'd like to hear (at if anyone else finds any use for them. (If you recognize the source of any, then obviously you're just as big of a media junkie as me and my friends.)

Surprisingly, at least thirty-nine of the ones on the older versions of this list turned out to have been already used by bands or as people's pseudonyms; this was discovered when I ran Google searches on these phrases (and in a few cases when a band member emailed me asking that their name be removed).

We're not the only ones with this idea. For more hypothetical band names, check out these sites:

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