Segnbora's Resources and Bibliographies

These pages list recommended books, Net resources, and music. Some are personal recommendation lists, others were done as library school projects and rely on published sources. I decided to put them up so that they could do someone else some good.

All book/record/movie links lead to; I am an associate of theirs. I get a small commission on any of these items bought by people coming from my site, but I made all the lists before signing up.

Child Abuse Resources for Children
A list of books and a few web sites for children. Covers both physical and sexual abuse. (School project)
Child Sexual Abuse
An encyclopedia-style essay on child sexual abuse, originally written for
Recommended Science Fiction
Science Fiction novels and and a few story collections published between 1975 and 1995, selected to update the collection of a hypothetical public library. (School project)
The Eccentric Reader's Advisory
My book review weblog; certainly the most-frequently updated thing on my site.
Damage Control
A personal list of the books I read and loved while growing up (and still mostly do).
Pictures of Everythingians and Web Pages of Everythingians
Listings of how to see faces or more-than-faces of the people of the Everything 2 database.
Wrap Up In Noder Love: An E2 Craft Project and Fundraiser
An afghan made to raise funds for my favorite site, Everything2.
usf.misc Home Page
A mirror of Vicki Andrews' copy, with the usf.misc FAQ and pictures of usf.misc lunches.
Joyful Noise
A personal list of the music I've loved throughout my life.
All The Albums I Own Part I (A-L) and Part II (M-Z)
A journey through the music I've bothered to keep through numerous moves and weedings.
Mood Mix Tapes
Ok, not a "resource," but a track listing of mix tapes I've made for certain moods. It goes with the above two music lists.
My Family Genealogy
Lots of info on my family -- you could be related!)
What Would [Blank] Do?
An alternative to "What Would Jesus Do?
Band Name Fodder
Lots of interesting possible names for rock bands.
Segnbora's Stitchery
Handmade stuff I'm trying to sell -- cross-stitch, needlepoint, knit, however I felt like creating with my hands.

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