Subject: Aiiee!

   My boss is also my professor.  (Yes, I'm a gradual student.)  After
e-mailing my assignment to her, just like everyone else, I was surprised
to be asked for a hard copy.  She knows how to lase e-mail, right?  It's
Pegasus Mail, it's not that difficult!  Just [thwack!] click [thwack!]
on [thwack!] PRINT [thwack!].

   No way, quoth she.  Printed e-mail just looks sloppy.  She wants me
to format it nicely on WordPerfect and lase it for her.  Fine, fine...
but what was the point of running the class by e-mail if you're going
to do everything by snail-mail?

   *sigh* And here's the best part.  I offered to set up one of the
networked laser printers for her machine.  (She has a Pentium 150, and
everyone else has a 386DX/25 with four megs.  Even the computer hooked up
to the scanner, the one we use for webspinning, is a wimpy Pentium 90 with
eight megs.  And why does she need a 150MHz machine?  For PEGASUS MAIL!) 

   No thanks, she says -- her way of printing works just fine.  On further
questioning, she explained that she e-mails everything to the
receptionists and/or office manager and asks *them* to print it out.



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