Cinderella -- Introduction

This is complete juvenila. Two friends and I loved to play theater when we were in elementary/early middle school, and over two or three years we worked out this script for Cindrella. I was about 10 when we started, and 13 when I moved away from the neighborhood where Wendy Gail Dinkins (two years younger than me) and her sister Tammy Ann Dinkins (5 years younger than me) made up this script. It's not very subtle, but I still think it's funny.

Originally, the script was made up to accomodate having only three actors. There used to be only one stepsister (played by Wendy, who also played the Prince and Leroy, the character we made up to get around Cinderella's transportation problems and our lack of mice), and no herald. I played both the Stepmother and the Fairy Godmother, and Tammy got to be Cinderella since she's onstage all the time. Playing multiple parts required a lot of quick changes of costume, but we worked it all out over two or three years.

When I wrote the script down, I was 13 or 14 and had already moved away from the old neighborhood where Wendy and Tammy lived. I tried to normalize the script a bit by adding the standard second stepsister and the herald, plus calling for a few props we hadn't had (you don't need to have a chair on stage when your stage is a swingset and has places to sit hanging from above). But the words we said are pretty much the same.

So if you want to read what a bunch of kids would come up with, go on to the play. It's not that long and might give you a giggle.

Go on to the play

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