7th Grade Diary
Part 1

June 19, 1985 (Mittwoch)
Mom, Grandmother + I went to Biltmore House today. Granddaddy stayed home. It was really neat. They have about 5 stories in the house. The library has over 20,000 books in it. Dull ones, though. They had a few on display. All of it was really fancy, even the ceilings. I'd like to live there! Mom said it'd be a great setting for one of the romance novels she reads all the time.

June 25, 1985 (Freitag)
I just had a great idea for my birthday! OK, so my birthday is in January + it's June now, but so?

1st I put my Sweet Roses PJ (Rosetta Julie) on the lamp, put Annie on the bed with Snuggles + Serendipity, then tape their "voices," then put C.L.P. and Custard on the stero and tape their "voices" on a different tape. Then I put PJ + Co's voice tape on the tape player + put that under the bed, + C.L.P. + Custard's tape on the stereo. Then right before people come into my room, I turn on both tapes and hide in the closet. I let both tapes run all through the "voices," then growl "I'm Ted. E. I personally, think you ought to be able to see me. And you can, if you just open this closet door." They open the door, and I leap out + yell "BOO!" and we all have a good laugh. How does that sound?

4th of Juli, 1985 (Thursday)
Jodzish spent last light + got home at 4'o'clock. Here's Visit Revisted.

Hokay, it just got settled Tuesday. On Monday, I told Jod that "Weird Al" Yankovic was Guest VJ on MTV Wednesday night. She wanted to see that so we both asked our moms who both said maybe. Then on Tuesday we asked again + got 2 Yeses! So then we spent 1 hour on the phone deciding what she should bring.

Then Wednesday morning I got up at nine to clean the room before she arrived so after she left it wouldn't be quite so chaotic. Then I waited + it seemed like forever! Jody got here right when she was supposed to, at 2:30, but it seemed like 5:30 instead.

Jody brought some great stuff. She brought Annie, one of her 3 Cabbage Patch Kids (Annie, Hilary + Jason) + her (My Little) Ponies, Bubbles, Cotton Candy, one I can't remember, + her new baby pony Surprise! Surprise is so cute! She's white with a neon green mane + tail + lavender eyes. Jodz told an interesting story about how she got Surprise.

You see, she was looking all over the place for a baby pony. Finally her dad bought her one, but he didn't give it to her until she paid him back for it. He said it was the blue + pink pony she didn't really like, but she didn't care. Then she paid him back, then he goes, "Surprise! It's Surprise!" + gave it to her. Also, Surprise had a bunch of little stuff like a diaper + a bib that was fun.

She also brought two great books, Susannah and Elizabeth. Both are about old-timey girls, but they're great! I finished them both.

When we unpacked all her stuff, we changed into ballet costumes, + danced in the back room. Jody's getting better. We also played the piano. I've learned 2 things from Mom, Mary Had A Little Lamb and Heart and Soul. I taught Jodz both. Heart and Soul is better because you can imporvise accompaniment.

Then we ate dinner (stew, cucumbers, + potatoes) + got some snacks to eat while watching "AL TV" til 11. It was great! Al showed videos like "The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun" or "Fish Heads." "Fish Heads" is a neat song. Its by Barnes + Barnes, + there are about 12 lines besides the chorus, which is,
Fish heads, fish heads,
Roly-poly fish heads,
Fish heads, fish heads,
Eat 'em up, yum!"
Jodz + I sang that all night, or so it seems. We had a witch ceremony in the back room with my flourescent thingamajigs. Then Mom made us go read in bed for a while. I read about half of Susannah then, then lights out!

Next morning I woke up at 5:45 in the night, practically. Jod + Mom were still asleep so I tiptoed into the front room + read Susannah + Elizabeth. Then Jodz woke up, then woke up Mom. Most of the early morning was spent boringly, then an ooky breakfast, then we went outside + I taught Jodz "Una Dosie Esta," "When Pebbles Was a Baby," and "Be Bop, She Bop." [These are hand-clapping rhymes.] The we did those 3 games with Annie + Annie inside the house, then played the piano with Annie + Annie.

Then had a fight. We were fighting tooth + nail -- literally. She scratched + I bit. She drew blood in two places on my left wrist + right shoulder. No wonder she's called Quickclaw! I didn't draw blood, bit I left a mark or two.

About 10 minutes later we made up. I honestly don't think we've ever had a fight that last longer than 15 minutes. Then we got ready for Jodz to leave.

On the way to drop Jodz off at her house we went shopping at columbia Mall. Jody had no money but I had $7.00 so we split that. Jodz bought a bunch of stickers + a bracelet with two charms + Mom bought her a horse bookmark. I bought a bunch of stickers, a silver pencil + a diary. The diary has a flowered cover + no "Date_________ Day________" lines, which is good because they waste space.

Then we went on to Jodz's haus. I helped bring in her stuff, almost forgetting she was wearing one of my necklaces. I had to run back in + get it from Jodz who was in the bathroom. I don't really like that necklace, though. Maybe I'll give it to Jodzie for a birthday present.

Leb Wohl!

July 9, 1985 (Tuesday)
We are now in Florida. Wir hist staying at Aunt Martha's haus. They just had a pool put in. The pool has a water slide too. I had to teach Mom how to slide because she didn't know. She slid an inch at a time because she wouldn't let go of the side. And when she did slide she started swimming the instant her feet hit so her head didn't go underwater. Finally, she learned. But it took forever!

I don't know when we're going to EPCOT Center or Disneyworld. so I'll just have to wait + find out.


July 12, 1985 (Friday)
Mom + I are still in Florida, but we're not at Aunt Martha's anymore. Uncle John got us an apartment for us for half price for a week because he's a member of the HIA (Hospitality Industry Association). Tommorrow we're going to Tiki Gradens, which is just down the street (literally). I've been there innummerable times but it's still fun. We're going to Disneyworld on Sunday, too. And we might possibly go to EPCOT Center on Wednesday.

This apartment is really neat. It is on two levels, and the 2 bedrooms + two of the bathrooms are on top. My bedroom is facing the front, with 2 twin beds + a dresser + a clock-radio. I found a great station, Magic 96. They play all the extra-long versions of everything. Right now is Tears For Fears, "Shout." It just changed to Eurythemics, "Would I Lie To You?" This one is better in short form. It's more powerful that way. Stretched out is yuck!

Auf Wiedersehn!

July 14, 1985 (Saturday)
The Live Aid concert was yesterday. Live Aid was a concert, well two really, one at JFK Stadium in Philedelphia and one at Wembley Stadium in London. Oh, how I wish I've been at home or Aunt Martha's so I could've seen it all on MTV! Anyway, most of the Band-Aid + USA for Africa stars played there. (also quite a lot who weren't) Both the American + British concerts lasted all day. I saw parts of both on the Dick Clark ABC special. The finale in Britain was "Do They Know It's Christmas?" and here was "We Are The World." All the stars sang on the finale at the concert they performed at. On the special we saw: Madonna, Phil Collins, The Who, Patti LaBelle, Duran Duran, Hall + Oates, Ashford + Simpson with Teddy Pendergrass, Paul McCartney, + both finales.

Mom made me go to Tiki Gardens yesterday afternoon. I bought: one yellow straw coaster, 1 grape candy stick, 1 lemon, 1 cherry + 1 raspberry one. Also I bought a ring with 4 magenta stones it it. I bought a pair of purple earrings. They're dangly, which is my favorite kind.


July 15, 1985 (Moon's day/Monntag)
Today is going to be and already is boring. And I mean BORING! It looks like its about to storm, so we can't go to the beach or the pool, we've gone to both Tarpon Springs + Tiki Gardens, and it's already 11:30, so its too late to start for EPCOT or Disney World, and I've read every single book I brought at least twice. I guess I'll have to do needlework for a while.

July 17, 1985 (Mittwoch)
Mom + Aunt Martha went to an art gallery, so I'm here by myself. I've done all the needlework I have to do, so I'm bored. Danke Gott, only one more day to endure here, then we're off for 3 days at Disney World + EPCOT Center.

August 20, 1985 (Tuesday)
Hello. I just got back from 2 weeks at Grandmother Saunder. Grandmother bought me: A pair of white shorts that used to be $11.00 but were marked down to $5.44, an issue of Star Hits, a whole bunch of lacy anklettes, with lace in just about every color, a $4.99 watch (black), and a set of bracelets. One is pearl, one is gold and one's silver. Also 3 one and one-half hour tapes. 45 min. on a side. I filled all of them up while I was there. I taped 4 and a half hrs. of music so I won't have to tape anything for a long time!

My witchcraft is coming along quite well. By "witchcraft" I don't mean the real item, but copying spells + such out of books. At Grandmothers I finished doing So You Want To Be A Wizard, did Victoria, and found (of course also did) I Will Make You Dissapear, Witch Week, A Wizard of Earthsea, and The Magicians of Caprona. All were great stories.

I can't believe I'm going to be a seventh-grader. School starts day after tomorrow and I'm so nervous. I already know Jody's not in 509 + I am. Tomorrow I'll have to call Sarah + ask her. Sarah got the numbers of last year's whole English class. Take 30 or so people + spread them around 20 or so classroom....There's got to be someone I know! Plus I know lots of people that aren't in English. I'd say I know 120 people in my grade. That makes 5 I know to a class. Good thing the world isn't averages. Tomorrow I call Sarah!

August 21, 1985 (Wednesday)
I called Sarah. She's not even in my building! She said most of Staci Emmanuel's friends are in my building, but that's not much comfort since they're not my favorite people.

Tomorrow I'll wear my blue shirt, white pants + socks, sandals, silver earrings, the red locket that Mom bought me at Disneyworld, and the blue + white barrettes she also bought me. Those barrettes are great.

I've been doing needlework all summer and I'm sick of it! I have made 5 boxes, 2 tote bags + heaven knows what else. Now I'm doing a pastel tote bag. It's blue, pink, green, yellow + lavender.

Maybe Sean or Mark or Lee will be in my class. I hope so. I'll write about 7th tomorrow.

August 27, 1985 (Tuesday)
Sean, Lee or Mark are not in my homeroom. Venk is, but who cares about Venk? Lee + Mark are on my side of the hall so they'll probably be in my ALERT class along with Patrick Bryant (I've known since 4th, he's nice, quiet, + kind of cute). Mark asked me in the hall this morning if I knew who taught 7th grade ALERT. I said I didn't + we both rushed off. I had to get to Home Arts + he had to get to who knows where with his schedule.

Speaking of schedules, mine is:

Now teachers.

1st period Home Arts is Sewing + Cooking + the boys take it too. Mrs. Morgan is nice + I like her. So far we've learned about kitchen safety.

2nd period. Mrs. Moss isn't quite so nice. She's black but nothing like Mrs. Hunter in 5th grade. Mrs. Moss gives too much homework but is a good teacher.

3rd period. Mrs. Blackwell isn't too bad. She's a tough teacher but I like her. She also teaches spelling.

4th period. Mrs. Conrad is my homeroom teacher. I think she's my 2nd favorite teacher. She writes down all the work for the chapter on a sheet + gives it to us so you can work ahead if you want to. I did a couple of worksheets early + got to spend a period reading Science World

5th period. Mrs. Jumper is the unit leader. Most of the kids don't like her because she gives a lot of work. I don't mind because I got it all done in class.

6th period. Ms. Summerell for reading on Tuesday + Thursday. She's my favorite teacher. She said we'll make a movie later in the year. I hope I get to act. There are only 4 people in my reading group in my class. Ginger Norris, Amy Powers, Margaret Trimble, and I. We would all be in other classes if it weren't for chorus. All chorus people have to be in sixth period reading. I guess by 7th grade that class is expendable. Chorus on Monday, Wednesday + Friday. With Ms. Tolson. I don't really know her yet.

Jody's birthday was last Friday. I gave her her present yesterday. It was a handmade 2 compartment box and the necklace mentioned on p. 173 [several entries ago in this file]. I didn't want it.

Au Revoir!

August 28, 1985 (Wednesday)
Today was the first full chorus meeting. I sing alto. So do half the other girls and all the boys. All the other girls sing soprano. Today we got our seating arrangement + started learning a song called "She Was A Wildflower." All the sopranos sing the words + melody, while the female altos do this Ahhhing in the background + all the boys do the same, one note lower. It sounds really neat when you put it together but all the altos tend to drown out the sopranos.

It feels like I've been in 7th grade for years instead of 5 days. It's getting boring + I'll be glad when ALERT starts.

August 31, 1985 (Saturday)
Amy [Thames, who lived down the street] + I had a mock wedding. Amy was the bride, her next door neighbor Chris McCormick was the groom, his sister Amy was the ringbearer + flower girl. Wendy was supposed to be the preacher + Tammy was supposed to be a bridesmaid, but they couldn't come because their Mom was fixing dinner + she wouldn't let them out. So I, the maid of honor, ended up being the preacher. Anyway, Amy McCormick + I waled down the "aisle" (actually, a fence) then Chris, then Amy Thames (bride). Amy M. started saying the ceremony but she kept clowning around, like saying, "to have and to get it on with" so I took over. Chris answered, "No, but in this case I guess I have to." And when Amy threw her bouquet, our audience, Christopher Jeffcoat, caught it. Next to get married! When I left the bride + groom were happily throwing plastic baseball bats at each other.

Thursday Jodz, Missy Simpson + I were running around at lunch by our building door. Jody stole my green paper clip! Mark was watching us, along with Venk + Suraj. I bet I really looked wierd, compared to the quiet Suzanne they know.

Everything I wrote in this diary is true. It really seems wierd, all the stuff that's happened to me since I started on Jan. 2, 1982, a good 3 and three-fourths years ago. But it's all Suzanne and I'll treasure it. Forever. And maybe next week I'll write in my new diary.


Actually, just the end of the first written volume of my diary, with many more yet to come (and a second already started, so the first few entries in the next file have the same dates as some in this one.)

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