7th Grade Diary
Part 3

Guy Fawkes Day [November 5] 1985 (Tuesday)
Today was the last day of W.W.II. We discussed nuclear war. It's scary. South Carolina has 3 major targets, Fort Jackson, Shaw Air Force Base and the submarine base at Charleston. So if the end of the world by nuclear war comes, no-one in South Carolina will have a chance. It's really frightening. A consolation -- being where Columbia is, no one here will feel anything, just be vaporized.

We watched a boring movie or at least the part we saw was boring. About half the people said the part of The Day After we didn't see was better. I wasn't thinking about it too much, though. I was looking at Sean. Eden was sitting on a high stool right behind him so his head was practically between her legs. She was ruffling his hair. I wonder what really happens at all the parties the popular people go to.

Right after the movie it was lunchtime, I went to the bathroom, and I was absolutely dripping with juices. If just thinking about Sean can get me that hot, I wonder what the real McCoy could do?

November 9, 1985 (Saturday)
Yesterday they published the A + B honor rolls in the school newspaper. Mistakes I found: Jennifer Beechum (Beachum), James Erwin (Ervin), Rana Okasa (Okasha) and Twnya (Tawnya) Thompson. Whoops! And She la (Sheila) Bennett.

I wonder why people get crushes. Is there anything my favorite five have in common? Let's see...all of them have made the B honor roll at least once in their life. I don't like dumb people. Quite honestly, I can't think of anything else James, Sean, Mark, Patrick + Lee have in common. Two wear glasses, three don't. Sean + sort of Patrick are "bad boys" while James, Mark + Lee are "good boys." They're all totally different but I'm attracted to them all. I just wish one was attracted to me! [In margin: Added June '86 - they're all shorter than I am.]

November 12, 1985 (Tuesday)
Another interesting ALERT day to describe! Today we started video. Since Mrs. McLellan won't let us miss 5th period Prealgebra, Kenyon, Jennifer U. + me get to go 1st when no-body else is there. Today we designed album covers about ALERT. I did Alertdonna, Like A New Student. There were some weird ones in yesterday's class like "Van Hinton" and "Alert Straits", and "Alert Crue."

When everyone else got there we had our usual discussion, then looked up a bunch of words, then went over the meanings. While we were looking up the words we had the usual chaos. Ginger yelled, "You all know what a millimeter is? It's Sean. You know why he's named Millimeter? Cause he has a millimeter you-know-what!" The half of the class that was listening cracked up. Later we were watching "The Making of Michael Jackson's Thriller" + I was sitting behind Caroline who was behind Sean. So I got hot again watching him and thinking. I watched the TV too, but my eyes had a mind of their own.

November 14, 1985 (Thursday)
Character Analysis of Suzanne M. Saunders

I am a strange weird person attracted to other strange weird people who understand me. This is definitely why Amy T., Jodzish, and Sarya-Warya are my friends. Probably Margy and Deejay too. Also, my reading habits are...rather abnormal, let's just say. I read constantly, especially about witchcraft.

November 15, 1985 (Frigga's day)
Mark seems to be interested in my witchcraft hobby. I'll definitely have to play it careful from now on. He + Venk make a habit of asking what I'm reading that day.

Monday I'll ask them what they made on the Mathcounts testing. I made 10 on the 1st test and 17 on the second. Both tests had 28 problems.

November 19, 1985 (Tuesday)
120 years ago today Lincoln said, "Four score and seven years ago..." I just heard that on Turkey Television.

Today in ALERT we got into our groups for the video production. We'll be shooting in January. (From now until Christmas, we'll be doing pre-production.) There are 3 groups, who will do 3 different productions. In mine: Venk Reddy, Lok-yi Yip, Lee Mathis, and Mark Osterman. We argued half the time because the boys wanted to fill the movie with gunfire. We ended up with a story like this:
Lokyi hires Lee to kill Mark1 so she'll get his money. After Mark1's dead, she tries to frame me, a young marine biologist who'd been helping the dead guy out with his hobby. I hire Mark2 and Venk to get me off the hook. We haven't decided on names yet.

This morning, 1st period in ALERT, for some reason Sean + Karen Clark were in there too. I don't know how it started but Kenyon, Jennifer U., Karen, Sean + me were hitting each other with erasers and writing things on the board. Sean wrote "Girls are only good for one thing. Guess what?" so I hit him on the side with The Mark of Conte. [the book I was reading] Then I erased it and wrote "This class is full of: a) smart girls b) dumb male chauvinist pigs." Karen wrote beside it, "The truth is told!" We five ended up chasing each other around the room.

When we were discussing the budgets of movies, Mr. Hinton said that C-budget movies, under $5000, are usually X-rated because those movies don't need any special effects + the guys who're in them star almost for free. Lee said, "I would too!"

November 22, 1985 (Freya's day)
Refer to p. 40 [the bit about Mathcounts testing]. I asked Mark about the Mathcounts. He got 12, 16, 15. I got 10, 17, 13. We (my class) got the results of Test 4 (a 12) but since I saw him last 4th + pre-algebra's 5th, quien sabe what he's got. He told me that Margaret L. got 16, 19, 18. How? She was in my math class in 5th grade, and in 6th she goes into pre-algebra. Mark + Venk I can understand; they went to a private school with different curriculum.

Like my new green pen? I got it from Sarah.

In home arts, we got our pillow kits. I got my purple, black, and white mouse. I'm kind of behind because of ALERT. I just turned in stitch chart 1, and some people are on chart 4. I sit by snooty Jennifer Cook. Bleck!

November 23, 1985 (Saturday)
Amy has an astrology book. She loooked in it anoug found something that Chris McCormick who she likes and who is a Scorpio would find...interesting. The book said that Scorpio controls the "reproductive organs." Amy didn't know that that meant until I told her. Chris'll freak out when we tell him! If he even knows what it means. Amy said she had to explain sex to him. Now that's naive! Especially since Chris is in 5th grade and Amy's in 4th.

November 26, 1985 (Tiw's Tag)
We told Chris. He did know what reproductive organs where but, quote "I don't even waht to talk about what it says I control!" unquote. I wonder if maybe he masturbates and feels guilty about it. Quien sabe?

Guess what? (sarcasm) I seem to have been demoted. Now instead of being framed (which I didn't mind) to being a witness to the death of Alexander von Schneider (what a name!) Lok-yi's Chuen Chun von Schneider (burst of giggles!) I don't have a name yet; I think I would like to be Jaelithe Ravenfaxi Rowena Lonon. Methinks I'm gonna get a lot of opposition on that one! Anyway, Lok-yi tells Lee to get rid of me + supposedly I come running to Crocket + Tubbs for help. Ha! I'll show them!!

Thanksgiving Day (Thor's day)
Markandvenkandlee want the movie to end with me shooting Lok-yi. I haven't decided whether or not I will. We argued about it on a piece of paper all through social studies. So I wrote an official document for them to stop bothering me. I said:

Suzanne Marie Lonon Saunders, aka Jaelithe Ravenfaxi Rowena Lonon, aka Peanut Butter and Jelly, aka Susan, aka Jasimine Heather Lily Ivy Nolan Abbot, hereby does state that she has not decided whether or not to kill one Lok-yi Yip aka Kathy Yip aka Chueh Chun von Schneider, aka Yip Yip Yip, in the video production being made by Group 1 of Tuesday's 7th grade ALERT class, taught by Mr. Jim Hinton. If the killing was done, it would be at the bidding of one Mark T. Osterman, aka Alexander von Schneider, aka Oysterbrain, one Venkatesh M. Reddy, aka Alexander von Schneider's bodyguard, aka Reedhead, these two being collectively known as the Siamese Twins, and one Lee Mathis, aka Assassin, aka Eel.

And I got Kristen Mauney + Sarah to sign as witnesses.

Right now, we're going "over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house." We've brought the Pretty Pesty Pupper. He's been good (for a change).

I'll write more when we get there.

Later on Thanksgiving Day 11/29
Josh, Le-le and Michael were here when we got here at 11:45. I gave Leah about half of my old Strawberry Shortcake dolls + she loved them. Michael instantly claimed Tea Time Turtle as his own, so Leah got S.S., Almond Tea, Apple Dumpling, an S.S. rocking chair, an S.S. motorbike, Gooseberry, my old Spanish doll Rosa, my old Indian doll Indy, and the little black girl Sarah.

We are Thanksgiving dinner at one because Bill + Susan + Josh + Leah + Michael were going to see their other grandmother. Dinner was great.

November 30, 1985 (Frigga's Tag)
I just woke up + I'm going to write down a very weird dream I had:

I am in Mrs. Conrad's room and it's mostly unfamiliar people. Andrea Kelly and a few others are the only ones I recognize. There is a big aisle between the rows of desks in the middle of the classroom + I'm sitting on the right side of it, about halfway up + down the row. Sitting directly in front of me is Mark. Since Mrs. Conrad is showing a film, we converse freely. Mrs. Conrad doesn't notice. In fact, when Mrs. Conrad is telling anyone to be quiet, its Andrea + co. over in the corner. I don't see Venk anywhere. Mrs. Conrad finally tells them to shut up. Mark does a funny imitation of them and Mrs. Conrad makes him move (over to where Andrea + co. are sitting.) I stand up + say that's silly, it's just spontaneous talk + I cite as an example my talking back to Mrs. J [entry trails off into random non-letter scribbles here]

December 1, 1985 (Sonntag)
I hate my mother! I hate her! I hate her, I hate her! First she puts my yellow bookcase in the back room, then she sits it in the outside building to let it rot out there. Now she tells me "it's covered with black mold" and puts it out on the trash! When you throw away a person's memories like that, you should give them a chance to say goodbye! I know that sounds illogical, but it's how I feel. That bookcase was my friend!

Grandmother S. gave me a small yellow pillow. That set off a chain reaction.. I fixed up an anti-boredom kit for ALERT, week after next I'll bring it.

December 3, 1985 (Tuesday)
I watched a special last night, "John and Yoko: A Love Story." Parts of it have been running through my mind all day. Like a few months after they met, Cynthia Lennon's in Greece, Tony Cox (Yoko's husband) is in Paris. John tells Yoko she can come over "instantly." When she comes over, talk, then they kiss softly, then fade. Fade in, clothes on floor, then John's chest + head, + Yoko's head on John's chest. Silence for a second, then he says, "This is it. There's no looking back, you know. and I'm not going to let you go."

I hate everyone!
December 16, 1985
This whole world sucks! Mom says I live in a dreamworld, well, now I know why. I hate being alive. If I'm such a pain to Mom + Joe why did they have me in the first place? Who invented marriage in the first place? They should have been killed the most painful way possible. Everyone in the world sucks. Except Sarah. Sarah would understand if she read this. She likes Suzanne the person, not Suzanne the bookworm. And Amy. She knows the real Suzanne but even she wouldn't understand. I'm sick of being treated [as if I were] alternating 45 + 3. Thank God ALERT is tomorrow, then I won't have to listen to the stuck-up snots in chorus whispering and giggling about me.

December 18, 1985 (Wednesday)
I hate N.K. Lonon with everything that I can hate her with. If I had anywhere else to go I'd run away. The woman a) never listens to me b) I have to do the dishes, half the laundry, nags all the time. c) I hate her because she makes me cry and then calls me a crybaby.

December 20, 1985 (Friday)
As a mother, N.K. Lonon sucks!

Christmas Eve Day (Tuesday)
I already opened my presents from Mom. I got:
  • 1 hairbrush
  • 2 pair earrings
  • 1 earring tree shaped like a ladder
  • 1 pair purple and red gloves with matching scarf
  • 1 aspirin case
  • 1 blank videotape
  • 1 wallet
  • 1 Scrabble game
  • 1 checkers game
  • 1 Madonna album, Madonna
We are at Grandmother's and tonight we'll open presents from Grandmother. Josh + Leah + Michael will arrive later today.

Christmas Day 1985 (Wednesday)
I recieved: (from Lonon relatives) I recieved (from Saunders relatives):
  • 4 pair pink earrings, different sizes
  • 1 pair gold earrings
  • 9 blank tapes
  • 1 gold chain
  • 3 bundles pipe cleaners
  • 4 packs of beads
  • Over Sea, Under Stone (book)
  • Sorceress of the Witch World + Spell of the Witch World
  • 4 book trilogy by Douglas Adams
  • 1 purple sweater
  • 1 pink-and-white sweater
  • 1 blue pair socks
  • 3 pair handles for top of bags I make
  • 1 book by Diane Duane
And, of course I got the wrapping paper from all this plus Joe said he'd left some of the breakable presents in Columbia. Albums, I bet! And he said presents plural, so that's at least 2 of the 5 I asked for. Whoopee!

December 31, 1985 (Tuesday)
I hate my mother! Hate her, Hate her, Hate her. Or really, Hate it, Hate it, Hate it. Because it's an insult to all women to call it a her.

Joe came over last night. He brought me: Erma Bombeck, Four of a Kind. This has: The Grass Is Always Greener Over The Septic Tank, If Life Is A Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing In The Pits, Aunt Erma's Cope Book, + Motherhood, The Second Oldest Profession in it. I read them. Also, these albums:
  • Powerstation - Powerstation
  • Wham - Make It Big
  • Arcadia - So Red The Rose
  • Propaganda - A Secret Wish
  • Eurythemics - Touch

Also he brought me a set of gloves and scarf but Mom had bought me a red fingerless glove that fits over a regular purple glove. Mom knew I had lost one at Grandmother's (the red part of one) so I just said yes + passed it off. Later, she was into this big thing about how I had lied to her + "restricted" me on MTV. So now I can't watch the countdown of the top 100 videos or the Rock'n'Roll Ball. Which is why I'm so miserable + I HATE NANCY KAREN LONON!

    New Year's Resolutions
  1. Keep hating nancy karen lonon.
  2. Keep loving Suzanne Marie Saunders
  3. Understand people.
  4. Read.
  5. Dance.
  6. Lose weight (or stay the same, but don't gain!)
  7. Stand up for myself.
  8. Be fashionable.
  9. Don't get hair cut.
  10. Music is more important than anything!
  11. Mark, Sean, James, Lee
  12. Sing.
  13. Write. Here or real stories, but write.
  14. Be A Witch

12:11 am New Year's Day 1986 (Wednesday)
So far I've danced, listened to music, straightened up, brushed my teeth + hair, worked on Aim's present. And wrote here. I did the "Rabbit" bit. Hope it works. Only 26 days 'til I'm 13! I'm listening to Duran Duran right now. I'd better try not to fight with N.K.L today or I'll fight with her all year. What you do on N.Y. Day influences what you do the whole year.

Maybe I'll call Mark tomorrow. Today, rather, it really being Wed. morning not Tues. night. Definitely I'll visit Amy after I sleep. And dance more. And read some.

January 15, 1986 (Wednesday)
Lots of catching up to do. I couldn't find this diary there for a while, so catch up time.
1) I broke Resolution #9 on Jan. 3. nkl likes the haircut but so do I. It's a little longer than shoulder length.

2) Markandvenk + Lee seem to be currently dominating my life. The ALERT video film is getting along, and there are constant meetings at school. We're going to meet after school at Lee's house on Monday. Tomorrow + Freya's are school holidays, no school! Lee's Mom is taking the whole group home + Lee's dad is taking me home. The meeting will be interesting. I'm glad it's Lee's, It'll be fun to see his house (nearly wrote 'its house'!)

3) Sarah's really interested in wizardry, etc.; she even copied the good parts out of So You Want To Be A Wizard just like I did. Hopefully, we'll room together + have a Sabbat or do a wreaking or something.

4) Amy + I had a huge fight + I punched her in the stomach. Her mother got mad + forbid her to play with me. She comes down to my house on weekends anyway.

Tragedy (sort of.) James has left our school! Well, his picture will be in the yearbook. If I get a yearbook, I don't know because of the Williamsburg trip I don't have much money. Hope and pray.

January siebzehn, 1986 (Freya's)
I am convinced that it is 1984. There is no possible way it can be 1986.

I made a tribute to Hecate tonight. 'Twas in ye tree. 'Twas dark, yet people where still out and their light made it as midnight and yet as noon. I looked at the half moon (Selene's power, but Hecate is still there) and said:
Hecate, Hecate, goddess of the moon
Goddess of darkness, grant me this boon.
Then I said the spell speech that came into my head, of how most deny but I accept her and the boon I asked was in some bits of power which shall do me well. I feel sure she has granted the request. I shall open my curtains to the moon tonight at bed, and this shall soak in.

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