9th Grade Diary
Part 1

June 5, 1987 (Friday)
Mom got tired of me moping + had me invite Brandy + Marie over tomorrow. Brandy's coming, Marie still has to ask. I'll write about it.

June 7, 1987 (Sunday)
Marie couldn't come. But Brandy + I had fun. 1st we went shopping at Tyrone Mall. We went to that toystore, B. Dalton's, World Bazaar, Spencer's Gifts, + Barefoot Mailman + bought lots of junk. I bought 2 books, a multicolored crayon, + a pair of baby blue lace shoelaces. Brandy bought too much stuff to list. We then went to my house and put designs on ourselves with this glitter makeup Brandy bought. I had a star on one cheek + an interesting design on one cheek + Brandy had BH [heart] MH on her cheek.

Then we called all three Dellicollis in the phone book to see which one was Jeno + called TJ (Brandy likes him). We tried calling Jenny to find out Matt's number but she wasn't home. There are zillions of Hardings in the phone book.

Then I got a horrible headache + took an aspirin. But I threw up because I had an empty stomach. So Mom took Brandy home + I spent the rest of the evening throwing up aspirin + all the food I ate to try to help keep it down. It's better this morning.

June 14, 1987 (Sunday)
Wednesday Marie called + said, "Would you like to sleep over at my house on Saturday?" I said sure. So on Saturday morning Mom drove me over to Marie's. Brandy was not there yet. Marie admired my haircut (new) + we talked + played the tape with "Dead Puppies" + "Fish Heads" + all that good stuff. Then Brandy arrived. We sat there for a while, messed with Brandy's stuff, met the 4 dogs (Tramp, Star, Missy + Sherry {aka Wee-Wee}). We got into our bathing suits, + messed around for a while longer, playing tapes + stuff. Finally Marie's grandmother (who she lives with instead of her parents) let us go in the pool; it's an above-ground like we used to have. With us were Marie's younger sister Michelle + a friend of hers (Jane). Then we dried off but didn't take off our bathing suits (we put on T-shirts over them) and ate dinner (hamburgers) and after dinner we went back in the pool. Jane had left and we three dunker her [Michelle?] several times for calling us tubs of lard. After we got out we sat around for a while. By then it was time to get into our nightgowns so we did. Then I read + they played Uno + later Wheel of Fortune. For that I was Vanna White. Then we were supposed to go to bed. We did get into bed but didn't turn off the lights. Marie read some of a romance novel I gave her (Arizona Temptress) out loud, while Brandy + I sort of read other books but listened to Marie.

When we actually went to sleep the lights + radio were still on. They stayed on all night. I didn't get much sleep + we woke up at 6 (me from Missy licking my hair). We ate breakfast (cereal), played Uno some more, while I asked questions for story ideas.

Then I got out my "Get Away--People Sing" tape + recorded all three of us singing "Always" [Atlantic Star], Brandy singing "Jimmy, Jimmy" [Madonna] only she sang it "Jeno, Jeno" + me singing "Papa Don't Preach" [Madonna]. Marie wouldn't sing. Then we got dressed, ate lunch (pizza) + went back into Marie's room. Then we recorded (on Marie's tape) Brandy + me reading juicy bits from "Arizona Temptress" + Marie doing sound effects. Then we played Wheel of Fortune some more + played Cinderella (the rock group) and then played with Marie's Barbies (she has neat clothes!) Then Marie's grandmother took us home. Marie ran in to see my room for a minute.

The End.

June 27, 1987 (Saturday)
Hi, I'm at Grandmother L's house. I've spent most of my days reading, doing needlepoint, watching TV + listening to the radio. We did go shopping. We (me, Mom + Grandmother) went bra shopping for me at Belk's. We bought 3 bras + a half slip, so I won't have to go bra shopping for another year. We also bought a pink shirt to go with shorts we bought over spring break. And today we went to Rose's + I got a blue skirt + blouse. They are for school so not too fancy.

We've been at Grandmother + -daddy's house for 6 days. Now tomorrow I go to my other grandparents for a week then Mom + I go to Washington.

July 6, 1987 (Monday)
I'm still at Grandmother S's. I'll be staying here until Friday. Then I go back to Grandmother L's. We may not go to Washington (Mom says), but it's still a possibility.

[My cousins] Rhonda + Tanya's dad Ronald got married again. The stepmother (who I haven't met) has 2 kids, Tammy, age 13 (who I've met), and a boy (15) who I haven't.

July 10, 1987 (Freya's Day)
Make that "staying till Sunday." My great-aunt Eva (maternal side) died, so we're staying in N.C. for longer. Josh + Leah were supposed to come up on the 18th (a week from tomorrow). I wonder if I'll get to see them?

We went shopping at good old Jo-Belles + bought these pens + various other junk. I'm making Grandmother S. an "airmail" pattern letterbox. The pattern doesn't want to be followed. With luck it'll come out somewhere near right.

I'm somewhat depressed. Not because Aunt Eva died, I barely knew her. Actually I don't know quite why I'm depressed, but I don't think it's because of Aunt Eva.

July 19, 1987 (Sunday)
Back at Grandmother L's, have been since last Sunday). Josh + Leah + Michael (my cousins) and Bill + Susan (their parents; Bill is Mom's older brother) came up on Friday and left today. I'm worn out. Josh is 11, Leah's 8 and Michael's 5. I (and they) spend most of out time in the downstairs den, which is also where I sleep when they're here. For a day or a day + a half it's ok, but then we get on each other's nerves. Example: normally Josh + I get along fine. Last night we even watched Saturday Night Live together (until Grandmother made Josh go to bed) but this morning I put the fold out bed back in. Josh was playing cave under it + asked me to pull it back out. I said no. He started pulling the cushions off the sofa so he could pull it out anyway. I sat on the sofa so he couldn't. He got mad + bent the magic wand I had made of glittery pipe cleaners wrapped around a metal rod. I tried to bed it back but couldn't, so I got mad and hit him. Then he called me a faggot so I called him a bastard. Then I ran off + came back later. See what prolonged exposure can do?

I don't know when we're leaving. We'll see.

July 27, 1987 (Monday)
We're home and have been since last Thursday. I'm bored already. Mom's having me make two covers for brick doorstops + an eyeglass case and I have Grandmother L's mobile and Grandmother S's eyeglass case plus books I haven't read in at least four weeks, but I'm still kinda bored.

Mom is being kind of a bitch as usual. I'm so sick of her bawling me out over rug fluff on the floor or other trivia.

We didn't go to Washington. Money + various other reasons. I don't think it would've been any fun anyway since a heat wave is sweeping the south and its been 100 degrees in Washington.

See you later!

August 6, 1987 (Thursday)
I just saw the best movie, its called The Lost Boys and it's about vampires. Story:

Sam (younger) + Michael (older) move to Santa Carla, California, with their divorced mother, to live with their grandfather.

At a rock concert (I have got to buy this soundtrack!) Michael meets Star. They are about to go for a ride on Michael's motorcycle when Star's friends, who appear to be a gang of ruffians come up + practically dare him to come to their hideout. So he does. At the hideout (an old hotel which fell into a crack in the earth during an earthquake) they goad him into drinking some wine even though Star whispers to him that "it's not wine, it's blood!"

Meanwhile, Sam has wandered into a comic-book store. He notices two boys who look at him curiously. When they talk they inform him that "Santa Clara's crawling with vampires." Sam does not believe them.

The mother finds a job at a video store (and starts dating the owner Max).

The gang take Michael (but not Star) to a railroad trestle + they hang from the bottom of it. And then they (the gang) let go...

Michael holds on until he can't then he drops and discovers he can fly.

The next morning Sam wakes Michael, because their mother is calling from her job. Michael has to wear sunglasses in the house. Michael is told to stay home with Sam while the mother goes on a date with Max + Grandpa visits the Widow Johnson. But that night an urge overcomes him, and only through the protection of Sam's dog Nanook is he prevented from killing Sam. Desperate, he rides off to the gang's hideout and finds just Star. They kiss, get undressed partway, fade out.

Sam calls the boys from the bookstore. They inform him that Michael is definitely a vampire + get a plan.

Fade in. It's morning, Michael and Star are still in the hideout, on Star's bed. Michael wakes and leaves.

The mother has invited Max to dinner, and Sam + his friends hypothesize that Max might be the head vampire. And "everyone knows that if you kill the head vampire all the half vampires (i.e., Michael (and Star)) turn human again." But when they feed him garlic and dump water on him, no luck.

Michael has gone out with the gang. They climb into a tree on a cliff overlooking the place where some people are having a party on the beach. Then the vampires fly off and attack...

Michael is too shocked to do anything but watch. When the people at the party are all dead, the vampires come back and David who seems to be the leader of the vampires says, "So. Now you know who we are. And now you know who you are..."

The next morning, Sam calls his friends (Edgar, and his brother I think) and they + Michael go to the vampire hideout. While Michael takes Star and a young kid who's also a haf-vampire to the car, the younger boys crawl back into the cave where the others sleep, with five sharpened sticks. Edgar climbs up a ladder to where the vampires sleep, hanging like bats from the ceiling. But one hitch: when Edgar drives a stake through the one nearest the ladder, it dies, but the other ones wake up and chase them. David nearly catches Sam, but daylight hits the vampire and he lets go of Sam. Then all the boys (+ Star) scram.

The mother is on another date with Max, and the grandfater is visiting the Widow Johnson again. The boys know the vampires will try to come and get them, so they barricade all the doors + windows and build a fire in the fireplace. They also fill the bathtub + their squirtguns with water (which burns vampires) + cut up all the garlic they can find. But right after dark, Sam remembers Nanook (the dog) is outside, and when they go to let him in, the vampires attack!

Nanook pushes one into the bathtub, Sam shoots one with a bow and arrow, and one has water dumped on it + staggers into the stereo + causes an explosion. That leaves just David.

Michael and David are alone in the living room. David tries to convince Michael to just become a full vampire, but Michael resists. Both of them have yellow eyes + fangs by now. There's a fight and finally Michael impales David on some deer antlers. But Star, Michael, and the little boy are still vampires.

Then the mother + Max walk in. The mother asks what's going on, but before Sam or Michael can answer, Max says, "I'm afraid this is all my fault. My boys have gotten a little out of hand." While everyone's flabbergasted, he explains that he is the leader of the gang of vampires. "I thought that if I could get Sam and Michael, then you would have to follow."

Sam: "But you passed the test!"

Max: "Don't you know that when you invite a vampire into your home, you lose all power over him?"

While they're all standing around wondering what to do, they hear a horn playing "La Cucharacha" and the grandfather drives right through the wall + some horns get stuck on the front + run Max through. Pretty much the end.

The reason I got to go see this is I had 2 fillings this morning and since I didn't throw up on Dr. Harmon or anything, Mom was persuaded to let me see the movie.

I may get to go see Joe in Columbia. I may even get to go on a plane! Excitement of excitements, especially since this is my 1st official time on a plane (not counting Granddaddy's two-seater since Mom doesn't know about that.)


August 8, 1987 (Saturday)
Well, it's definite. I'm leaving Tuesday, coming back the next Tuesday. And I am to go by plane, from Tampa to Columbia with a change in Atlanta. Wish me luck!

We found the Seminole Library. I like it. I'm now reading "Tales of Poe." I think I like the poetry better, although the stories are OK.

August 11, 1987 (Tuesday)
10:15 AM. Written on the plane from Tampa to Atlanta.

Flying is decidedly neat! On the way home I am going to bring my camera and take a picture. If I have any film left. Everything looks so weird! We're flying over the coast now and if sand were green all the little islands would look like a very fancy sand castle, after the tide has come in. Over Tampa, we looked down + saw all these houses with little blue dots in the yard and then I realize those are pools! The view isn't so good now, mostly clouds. It was cloudy this morning + Mom almost had me call Joe + tell him I couldn't come. As it is, I have to call the minute I get there.

11:13 PM. Got through flights OK. Got a bit airsick toward the end of both. When I got here Joe picked me up + we went to his office + I met everybody (or re-met a few like Lyn Zaluski). Then we ate lunch (at Sandy's Hot Dogs) + went back to Joe's office to kill some time. Then we went over to some traveling exhibit with the Magna Carta + an original printed copy of the Declaration of Independence. We waited in line for an hour for that. Then we went to Joe's ball game but he other team forfeited. Then we went out for pizza with the girl Joe's dating, Melinda. She's nice. She's a reading teacher + she has two cats.

I also met Joe's roommate Barry. He is also nice. Joe actually has another roommate (don't know name) who is on a trip to Europe or some place.

August 12, 1987 (Wednesday)
I stayed home today while Joe went to work. Mostly I watched MTV. When Joe got home we went + rented Young Sherlock Holmes for me to watch while he went to his ball game. I love that movie. Along with Ghostbusters + The Lost Boys it qualifies as one of the best movies I've ever seen.

It is possible that we may go to Grandmother S.'s for the weekend. More on this later.

August 14, 1987 (Friday)
Joe, Melinda, + I went out tonight. 1st we ate at some steak house but Joe + I both got salads. Then we played Putt-Putt. Melinda kept score instead of playing. We skipped 3 holds so we would get to the movie, but Joe won anyway, 33 to my 50. Then we went and saw Adventures In Babysitting. That was so hilarious! Especially where they're being chased + they run onto the stage of a blues club + the singer says "Nobody leaves here without singin' the blues!" So Chris (the babysitter) improvises a song about "Babysitting Blues"!

We are going to Grandmother's, tomorrow. Write later.

August 16, 1987 (Sunday)
Hi. Came up to Grandmother's yesterday. Leaving tommorow morning. Nothing especially interesting has happened, although it's nice to be up here. Saw Scott, Rhonda, Tanya, Brian.

August 19, 1987 (Wednesday)
Got home safely. It seems the reason I got airsick because I was reading on the plane. Felt much better when I didn't from Atlanta to Tampa.

August 20, 1987 (Thursday)
Yesterday, Brandy called + asked if I wanted to go shopping with her today. I said yes. So they picked me up this morning. We ate lunch at "Rube's" where Brandy's Mom works. Then we went over to Seminole Mall. We looked at clothes + then wandered into the bookstore + ran into Chris, a friend of Brandy's. ("We" is me, Brandy, her sister Mary, + her mom.) Then we went + saw "Back to the Beach." That was OK. Brandy cheered when Pee-Wee Herman came on. Then they dropped me off. I'm spending the night there on Monday.

August 25, 1987 (Tuesday)
Hi! I spent last night at Brandy's. Description: They picked me up at 5:45 (2 hrs. late) + we went to her house. We ate lasagna for dinner + messed with my stuff for a couple hours. Then we watched Alice in Wonderland on the VCR + then went + read + such until about 2 in the morning + then went to sleep. (radio on, but lights off, thank God) + woke up at 10 in the morning. We watched the Monkees and then The Karate Kid (not very good), then went over to Seminole Mall. I didn't buy anything (no money). Then we went home (to Brandy's) + I gathered up my stuff + Mom picked me up + we went home.

August 30, 1987 (Sunday)
School starts tomorrow. I'm nervous. This will at least be better than last year when I didn't know anyone. (This year I'll know Becky, Joy, + David.) I'll call Becky + Joy tonight + ask if they went to the orientation Thursday (I couldn't, Mom was at work) + see if there's anything I'm supposed to do when I get there.

August 31, 1987 (Monday)
School was OK. My colored pens will have to stay home from now on. More later.

September 2, 1987 (Wednesday)
Classes are interesting but the bus stop is about a mile from my house.

le 3 Septembre 1987
my classes:
1st period: French 1 (note the date) Mrs. Dyckman. I like this class. Je m'appelle Suzanne. Suzanne comment? Suzanne Saunders. That's about all the French I know at the moment.

2nd period. Government-Economics. Mr. Burton. On the Saunders scale of S.S. classes it's fairly interesting, but it's not actually the best of the classes.

3rd - Algebra 2, Mrs. Geiger. Typical math class. David is in this one. I like it OK.
4th (10:16) Lunch. I eat with Joy.

5-6 - Biology. Mr. Hunnicutt. A very picky teacher, but an interesting class. David here also. A boy named Orlando who acts like TJ sits next to me. He doesn't look like TJ though.

7-8th. English. Mrs. Vera. I like this class. Joy's in here. We're reading The Once and Future King by T.H. White. Of course, I read Joe's copy when I was eight, but it's still a good book.

9th - P.E. This semester I have personal fitness, a class where we only dress out two or three times a week. That's good because we have to shower after class when we dress out, a new county rule. I hope it's changed, and soon.

10th. Inquiry Skills. So far, a sort of half-ALERT + half English class. Ms. Brooks is nice. David here also.

Brandy is coming over Sunday + Marie might.

Sunday, September 6, 1987
Brandy + Marie both came. Mom + I picked them up, then we came back to my house. I had some old ballet pictures lying around so we looked at them and then tried on the costumes + had Mom take a picture of us. Wehn we put our clothes back on, we sat + talked for a while. Marie got a phone call from her grandmother saying she had to go, so we played tag in the front yard until her grandmother got her to pick her up. Then Brandy + I went in + called people who mostly weren't home. Then Brandy ate dinner with us (spaghetti) + we watched "Mad Movies" on Nickelodeon + messed about for another hour or so. Then Mom took Brandy home.

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