9th Grade Diary
Part 5

May 16, 1988 (Monntag)
I did my stupid oral in Inquiry Skills! Thank Goodness It Is Over With! I don't think I embarrassed myself in front of Noah + Jeni (although the presentation could not be called particularly interesting!) Jeni said I did OK even though you could tell I was nervous. (Of course I was nervous {although a little of my fidgeting was my sunburned shoulders}). I got a peek at Mr. Brown's gradesheet + saw that he gave me a 115 our of 125 the other 75 pts. come from the average of the class evaluations so I figure I couldn't have gotten less that 90% (180 of 200). Plus next Monday I get to stae at Noah for ten minutes while he gives his presentation. Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

May 21, 1988 (Saturday)
Next weekend is 3-day because of Mermorial Day (Monday the 30th). Mom + Mike are considering going to Ft. Lauderdale (or someplace) from that Saturday morning to to that Monday afternoon and leaving me alone all that time! Doesn't that sound great? I hope it works out. I mean, I cook anything that goes in the microwave, and make sandwiches and if there's an emergency (unlikely) I could always call Martha, so I definitely hope they go!

Nothing else interesting happened recently so bye.

May 23, 1988 (Monday)
Only 11 more days of school. I'm not depressed about it this year like I have the past two years. Probably because I know next year I'll be right back at St. Pete High with everyone I know and love (ignore, despise, etc.)

Noah + Jeni did their presentations today. They were both nervous (you could tell + besides, Noah admitted it when he tripped over a word.) Jeni's was fairly boring (but I didn't say that {and anyway most of the other presentations were mostly boring too}) Noah's as more interesting (although anything allowing me to look at him for ten minutes qualifies as interesting to me!)

Jeni wants some Strange Stationery [a project of mine, writing paper with lines going at unusual angles] so I gave it to her (about 8 packages) so we'll try to spread it around the PAT so if anyone not a good friend wants some I can charge for it. Too bad we didn't do this until the end of the year.

May 26, 1988 (Thursday)
Mom is going! She's leaving straight after work tomorrow so I get from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon all alone in the house. Hopefully. Mom's still debating with herself whether to go Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Naturally I want her to go Friday but I haven't been so stupid as to actially say that.

Lessee, is there any other news? Not really. We're dissecting rats in biology. It's neat and considerably less gross than frogs, worms, etc. The weird thing is stuff like fat deposits like fine if they're stuck to the liver or something, but really gross whe nMary Lou (who still does all the dissecting) takes them off. I don't know why.

May 28, 1988 (Saturn's)
Mom est allé! I spent last night reading her porn magazines (again) and watching TV. Today I've started the laundry (God, it's so nice not to have her nagging me to finish, I can finish it 7:00 on Sunday and she wouldn't know!) unloaded the dishwasher, and tidied (notice not "cleaned") my room. But I don't really have much to do. Tommorrow I'll probably be to the point of labeling my rat lab or going through all my newspapers.

May 30, 1998 (Mon.) Memorial Day
Nothing much else happened since I wrote Sat. I stayed up + watched all of Saturday Night Live, and then some of the Headbangers' Ball but other than that nothing's happened. Mom's due home fairly soon (it's 7:35) so tomorrow I'll go back to school.

June 3, 1988 (Freya's)
Nous avons pris notre examen d'Economics aujourd'hui. I think I did pretty well. We didn't do anything much else today.

Since yearbooks came out this week and I didn't buy one this year I took my old autograph book to school and got everybody's signature + messages. Unfortunately none of the messages were written by anyone cute (actually, only one this year was written by anyone male!) But I got all my friends and most of (if not all of) the guys will be back next year. So I'll get to know them (hopefully very well) then. The book is now almost totally full. (And about bloody time, after 5 years!

Lesee, has anything else worth writing about happened today? No. So bye.

June 5, 1988 (Sunday)
I love this new fountain pen! I'm gonna take my other exams with it (except Science which is Scantron + French where I plan to take the exam in ten different colors.

Right now I'm listening to my new Poison album (Open Up And Say Ahh) {Mom gave me my allowance early this month} and the lyrics are interesting (to put it mildly). If I read this when I'm 60, go and find that album + listen to "Good Love" and "Tearing Down The Walls." The Church Lady would swoon!

Mom's arguing with herself over going to North Carolina right after school's out or waiting for some latter from the real estate becapse telling her when she's supposed to take her real estate test. The outcome of this will be noted.

June 8, 1988 (Wednesday)
School's out for the summer!
School's out forever!
I've totally forgotten who did that song so I can't write who it was but the 1st line at least is true (but not the second, Dieu merci!) I'm considerably less depressed than past years, as I mentioned before. Not just the being albe to see everyone next year, but this year I actually started to enjoy doing nothing on weekends + vacations. Horrors, I must be growing up! Recite the charm from The Changeling, quick! I won't write it because I'll never throw that book away so I can just look it up. [I haven't gotten rid of the book, but actually I can recite the charm without looking it up. See my books I grew up on page.]

Exams - I think I did OK. I know I got an A (on exam + semester) in math (Mr. Townsend posted the grades after he graded them) and Mr. Lulek said (when I passed him in the hall) that my exam was good (although I don't know precisely what he calls 'good'!) And most of the others were easy enough so I doubt I got any less than a B on any of them.

We're going to be stuck around here until the 26th, when we're going up to Orlando so Mom can take her real estate test on the 27th + then up to N.C. (and S.C.) and stay there a while.

June 11, 1988 (Saturday)
I still don't know who did that song but I have it on tape because it was #1 on the Top 5 at 9 on Q105 (of course).

I'm probably not growing up after all because even though school's only been out for 33 days I'm already bored through and through. I've cleaned out everything it's possible to clean in my room, I can't think of anything to needlepoint nad even though I have 7 and 1/2 library books to read I don't feel like reading any of them. I went through my summer wardrobe (and wonder of wonders, Mom actually allowed me to throw away some of the horrors I've had sitting in my closet + drawers.) So now I'm lying on my bed listening to a tape from 1985 and filling up space in my diary. I wish I had enough money to go buy Lost Boys, I'm in a perfect mood to watch it. But the only two decent movies in this house are my Young Sherlock Holmes and Mom's Caddyshack and I'n not in the mood for either. And I have to endure 2 more weeks of this ennui! So now I'll probably finish cleaning out my drawers (desk) and then find whatever else I can to do. Bye.

The Ides of June (13th) (Monday)
I temporarily switched my radio to WKRL (98 Classic Rock) which is what Mom listens to. I'm sick of the predigested pap they play on WRBQ (Q-105, the major teenage station around here.) I've been making tapes of the Stones, the Doors, Bob Seger, and I finally got "Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin. Neither station is anything like as good as WNOK (South Carolina) or WROQ (North Carolina) but I guess they're better than nothing.

I'm making a thingamaing with the initials of all my friends + close relatives on it. Every person gets 2 colors to describe their personality but I'm having a little trouble deciding on Keisha's colors. (You see how bored I am to be writing this at all.)

I have enjoyed the past year, 2 months and 13 days since I started this diary, and a lot of things have happened even if no one but me is interested in them. I hope my next diary is as interesting.


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