11th Grade Diary
Part 2

January 8, 1990 (Monday)
A lot has happened. First, I spent Friday and Saturday at Marie's. Mom took me over there about 6 Friday. Over there we looked at the big stack of pictures I didn't want and then got ready to go to Seminole Mall. We walked and Marie was singing loudly the first line of Aerosmith's "Monkey on My Back" ("Fortune-teller, look into my eyeballs") cause we'd been listening to the album tape (I copied it). At the Mall I met a couple of her friends and wandered around with them. Marie got somebody to take a picture of some guy she thought was hot, we went out back to wait for Don (Marie's boyfriend) and I wrote down my observations for psych. [We had an assignment to do some 'participant observation'.] Don was late, so I went and bought Ratt's Reach for the Sky. Then Don showed up on his moped. Then the Mall per se closed and we walked over to the movie theater. There were these two girls who were nasty to Crystal so Marie + I went up to them and I just looked at them and Marie goes "Are either of you gay, or bisexual?" They have shocked expressions + rapid denials, and Marie goes "Oh, that's too bad, because we were having this little party later." And it was so funny watching them, we could barely keep from laughing until we got halfway across the parking lot.

Then Marie's grandmother picked us up. Back at her house she rearranged her posters to accommodate the new ones and I gave unuseful advice. Then we went to bed. Marie has to take Nyquil to get to sleep + stay asleep without nightmares. (Her grandmother doesn't know.)

In the morning we ate breakfast and got dresses and went to Tyrone Mall. I bought some dragon earrings, a button, some fudge, and a Slinky because we wanted to try out this theory that Marie's friend Mary came up with while they were high: If you put a downward-going Slinky on an upward-going escalator, will it just go on like that forever? We tried it but it didn't work; the escalator in question had steps too big for the Slinky to go down properly. So we went down the up escalator (the trick is moving faster than it does.) When we got home we went by my house for a change of clothes so I could spend that night, and Marie bought two magazines at Albertsons.

At her house, we read the magazines and she talked on the phone to Don, who was going to come over that night (and sneak in through her bedroom window) but it didn't quite work out. Marie's grandmother didn't go to bed until late so Marie didn't dare take out the screens to let him in and besides Tramp [their cocker spaniel] would bark so they just talked through the window for a while. Then we went to bed.

In the morning we lounged around some more and her grandmother went out and bought an artificial [Christmas] tree on sale so they put that up to get the decorations off it and packed properly. After that it was time to go home.

Thing #2: Be somber, Jason Loy died in a car accident over Christmas vacation. I don't know why it should matter to me as much as it does; I mean, Jason was a nice guy and he was quite cute, but he wasn't a particular friend of mine. It didn't really hit me until I noticed on the back of one of my folders "JDL {Jason David Loy} looks sweet in that jacket," then I felt it. He can't sit down in psych class wearing that brown jacket with "Aero-France" on the back and irritate Ms. Brooks. He called her Hitler once, to her face, something I've always wanted to say myself. Before Christmas when we had a sub, he and Alison sneaked off campus during lunch to buy some pizza. I paid for a slice. When we all left for Christmas it was so sure we'd all come back that nobody even thought it. And one of us didn't come back. He was only sixteen; he wouldn't have been seventeen until two days after me. And now he's dead. No sweet face with those incongruent [I meant "incongruous"] blond spikes. Remember him, Suzanne. Outside, that day when the construction was too loud so we had class out front; brown moccasins, jeans, plaid shirt with sleeves rolled up and cute sunglasses. N'oubliez jamais.

Thing #3: Mom is making me take driving lessons. I took my first one. Frank was nice and it was better than Driver's Ed but I'm still leery. (Thing #2 is a reason why!)

January 20, 1990 (Saturday)
Marie invited me to go to Madeira Beach Fun Center with her + her (new) boyfriend Scott (she + Don broke up and got back together, so now she's got two boyfriends!) We spent $5 on the jukebox and less than half that on pool. Scott is...well, let's just say that if Marie hasn't taken possession first, I'd be chasing him!

January 24, 1990 (Wednesday)
I got a schedule change to get me into Subsid Physics. 1st, 2nd, 9th + 10th are the same (but they may not be for long; more on that later.)
3rd - now history. Still Mrs. Hoffman. Nasty people (except for Jeni, Laura, Keri + Shawna.) Nothing much different.
5-6 - Psych. Smaller class. Quieter people. S.O.S. Aaron.
7-8 - Physics - much smaller class. Thomas! Mike Grossman! More of a class feel. Jeni.

Why my schedule is probably going to be fucked up again now that it's perfect: Dr. Cline's leaving in two weaks so they have to scatter all of us among the other English teachers. God, I hope I don't get Ms. Vera again.

January 26, 1990 (Friday)
I'm 17 now. I'm in a bad mood. Nobody knew it was my birthday and even the people (wait a minute! Change! But lemme finish what I was saying.) I told just went, "oh, Happy Birthday." And I didn't get any presents except a cake which turned out to be strawberry ice cream.

Change: I'm in a good mood. Mom offered to take me to Bananas and buy me a record and Joe is sending me a card (probably with money in it from the way he said "card and contents") and I'm gonna spend the night with Marie.

February 11, 1990 (Sunday)
Marie called at 10:25 this morning (which in itself should be a clue that it was important, considering our hours). She told me that last night Scott proposed to her, and that she said yes. She says they'll get married like November 29, because her birthday is November 27 and his is the 28th. (They have to wait until Marie's 18 because you know her grandparents, etc., won't be real happy.) I'm speechless; like, these two met a month ago! I guess it's good that they won't marry 'til November -- see if everything works out. Marie is engaged! It's funny, "engaged" doesn't sound half as serious as "they're going to get married."

February 17, 1990 (Saturday)
Yesterday was French Immersion Day. We got to miss all our classes and walk over to Edward White Hospital. Since it was all Junior + Senior PAT French classes, I got to spend most of the day looking at either Aaron or Thomas. We did situations the first part of the day, then ate a pretty good catered French lunch (still not quite worth the $7.75 each we paid for it.) Then we drew pictures and labeled them in French. Then we did skits in French and heard people play "Clair de Lune" and Debussy's "Prelude" and Kristie recited her Jacques Prévert (Jack the Pervert! [just our joke]) and John Emblidge read some of his original French poetry. My favorite skit: Les Injustes, a play on Camus' Les Justes. "Nous tuerons les Nouveaux Enfants Sur La Bloque." "Moi, je les adore." (Bang!) {dies} "Les Nouveaux Enfants Sur La Bloque son trop dur et trop masculin pour moi." (Bang!) {dies} "Ils sont les symbols d'innocence." (Bang!) {dies}. It was funny.

Thomas walks with a cane now. He has a cyst of some kind in his right leg. When he has to stand still and use both hands he'll stand on one foot, stretch the other out and hold the leg up with the top of the cane. It's interesting to watch (si on veut le baiser comme moi).

Spent the night with Marie yesterday. I got over there, dropped off stuff, and then went to Kentucky Fried Chicken where Scott works to say hi (and so Marie could drink a baby food jar full of vodka.) Then we walked over to C + M's a pool hall, with our Cokes. The guy said, finish those outside. We did and then he came out and told us no loitering. So we got kicked out before we went in! We played pool with Greg + Brian at a bar across the street. Then at her house we listened to Skid Row and Warrant while she read my magazines and I read her Variations. This morning we listened to them again and hung around until I went home.

March 3, 1990 (Saturday)
I'm so ultra-bored I have to write. Little bits of update: yeah, I do have Ms. Vera again for English, but the rest of my schedule is the same. Scott + Marie are as dedicated to each other as ever. The National French exam (the one I got $5 from last year) is on Thursday. Since I'm improving on that every year (if you can plot that from two points) maybe I'll earn some more money. I don't have any money right now. I hope (but pretty much know) I can stretch 13 and 1/2 pages [left in the diary] for a month until Grandparents L. come visit and I can ask them to buy me one.

I got new glasses (about fucking time after 5 years) since the old pair had a lens that kept falling out at inconvenient times. These are about the same but with pinkish-brown frames 'stead of the green. No sense in leaving these two lines [at the bottom of the page] blank when I can't start next entry.

March 21, 1990 (Wednesday)
A few months ago, before Marie met him, Scott got in a fight and tried to crack somebody's skull. He went to court Monday and now he's in jail for 30 days. Marie is going crazy trying to gather rent money to keep his trailer while he's gone but she's having trouble.

March 24, 1990 (Saturday)
Well, Marie couldn't keep Scott's place but apparently she's had his job reserved for him. Anyway, Marie's mother in Missouri is having surgery so Marie is going to spend two months in Missouri taking care of Charlotte, Stephanie, and Ashley. She's pretty much quit school anyway. She's going to take a thing at PTEC this summer in child care and hoping to go into that. Just an update. Two weeks until Spring Break when Grandparents L. visit.

March 31, 1990 (Saturday)
Yesterday, on the way from English to my locker, I looked down in the parking lot, saw a glitter, and picked it up. It turned to be a gold-colored bracelet. I turned it into lost + found + they took my name. I was a bit embarrassed, thinking my name'd be read out on the announcements for bein' a good deed student, but figured if I lost a bracelet I'd want somebody to turn it in. So in TOK this girl I don't know comes in , asks Mr. Tuthill if she can talk to me outside. We do; she tells me it was her bracelet, it meant a lot to her and it was worth quite a bit of money. She thanked me + insisted I take $10. I'm like, flabbergasted. "Um, you're welcome." But since I don't have any money the $10 was welcome, and it was nice of her.

April 29, 1990 (Sunday)
Marie called at 11:30 last night. She said she might be coming back for Florida earlier than June as was planned. Because: her [step-]father had been "getting a little too friendly" (her phrasing) and when he went too far, she eventually told her mother. When she called she was at her aunt's house. She said she'd call back today. I know how she feels (her voice was softer + more timid last night than I've ever heard her and I seriously doubt it that was just the lateness of the hour.) Actually, it might be a little better this way: at least Marie's mom is warned for if he tries anything with the little ones, now or later. But I doubt if Marie at this moment, sees it that way.

One SAT, two IB and three AP tests approach. Right now I'm worrying a little more about completing all the practices the teachers have given us on time than the actual tests, but that will come. The only classes without exams are TOK and French. Starting to be tense.

May 18, 1990 (Friday)
Updates: Marie's back from Missouri because her father did go too far (anyway he is actually her stepfather.) Marie and Scott broke up because he was cheating on her while she was in Missouri. One SAT (easy!) 3 AP's (probably 4's [on a 1-5 scale]) and one IB (?4-5 [on a 1-7 scale]) down, my last IB (psych) for this year to go -- the hardest, though! I got a certificate but no money from the National French Test.

June 5, 1990 (Tuesday)
Petite update: Got my SAT's back: 690 math and 730 verbal = 1420! Marie's going out with Greg. going to do half my library work (most of June) go up to N.C. for July, come back here and do the other half of the work (and see Slaughter/Pussycats/Kiss, maybe) in August.

Depressed. Thomas is graduating and I'll never see him again (unless I go to New College in Sarasota. Lousy reason to pick a college; to chase a guy.) Micah Donovan who's also really cute is also graduating and I don't even know where he's going! (Maybe Joanna will.) Joanna's graduating too! And in a year it'll be us scattered to the four corners of the earth.

June 25, 1990 (Monday)
Leaving to spend six weeks in North/South Carolina. Micah will be going to Kansas City Art Institute. Marie got Thomas + me talking! [on the phone]

June 26, 1990 (Tuesday)
Safely in Columbia. I'm going to be a big sister in January.

July 15, 1990 (Sunday)
At Grandparents S's. Spent the past few days watching a month's worth of Doctor Who Granddaddy was nice enough to tape me. Total of $22.50 (just so far) to put in the bank. And that's pre-sale!

July 18, 1990 (Wednesday)
Not mega-lots happening. At Grandparents L's until Sunday, then next Saturday (j'éspère!) a needlepoint sale, I'm like scurrying to make everything. Also trying to lighten luggage so I can stuff it all in to fly home.

August 14, 1990 (Tuesday)
Mom's home from N.C. (I've been back since last Wednesday). She left Laddie in North Carolina. So we're reorganizing our lives. I've got 25 hours left to work at the library. I got a 5 on my AP History + English + a 4 in calculus. I saw Flatliners (mega-ultimate!)

August 16, 1990 (Thursday)
School starts in a week. Being a senior is depressing. Jeni + Allana are back from their summer program in Gainesville. I just feel like writing in this book (and using up this ink). 20 and 1/2 hours to go for my CASS project. Went shopping with Martha, spent the night at Marie's since I got home. I'm tired and bored and I'm so tired today. Just like muscular and mental exhaustion.

August 20, 1990 (Monday)
Robert Plant's 42nd birthday
I bought a new diary in Seminole Mall today (at the exhorbitant price of $9.50!) (It's getting so a blank book costs more than a full one!) So anyway I want to fill this up.

Shit, summer's almost over. Marie's going to go to night school and get a job in the day so we may not be seeing as much of each other as we have been. Rabia, I'm not sure if she's coming back to the PAT or not. I hope my homeroom is S-Z this year so I can do Mad Libs with Jeni/Allana/Michelle/Keri/etc. during all the garbage they do the first day.

I'm bored. And since it is reasonably high priority to use up all this brown ink, the last lead left in the ten-color pen I've had since the summer after eighth grade and to fill the last four and a half pages of this book, this is the logical choice of time filler. So here I am, eating Whoppers + dry Frosted Flakes for the sugar + caffeine (I should have thought of Ovaltine before I poured the Hi-C.) I'm reading Jack Williamson's The Humanoid Touch and listening to "Yank It or Crank It" on 98 Rock. Song's not bad. (House of Lords' version of Stevie Winwood's "Can't Find My Way Home.") Waiting for the 9 most wanted to come on. So what should I write? Twelve and a half hours to go at the library; I'll definitely work tomorrow (bringing it down to eight and a half {I'm writing out all these fractions to use space} hours) and Wednesday is a maybe; if I'm in a good mood I'll stay home + blast the music; but if I'm being pre-school depressed I'll go work rather than spend the day moping. The caffeine and sugar seems to be working; I feel better.

So, I'm trying to divide how to spend the $19.30 I have to last me till the middle of next month. Maybe more. I ordered some stuff from Lillian Vernon (the mail order company) for $16.91 and they sent me a letter saying that both of the two things I ordered were out of stock and a refund of $12.47. So when we can get the number off Grandmother's catalog (when they get back from Illinois) we'll call and bitch about my lost $4.44. So whenever we get to the bank to deposit my $39 of change I'll cash that check and put at least $5 into my account (even just the $39 would put me over the $300 mark for the first time!) but I'll spend the rest.

Writing stuff like this is what would drive the bills for blank books up if I did it often! But I still have a page and a half to fill! Now, Every Mother's Nightmare's "Long Haired Country Boy" is on (actually their version of whoever did the original).

I'm getting cabin fever, I should rearrange the posters or even the furniture just to change the room I spend SO much time in.

So I guess I should start to wind up this mess. (How do I "wind up" but still manage to fill another page? Doing this sort of questioning, I suppose. OK, these two years have help some really interesting events (as well as days and weeks when nothing worth anything happened, support for the life-is-a-sine-wave theory!) that have been recorded here. C'etait interessant. (Probably the wrong tense for what I wanted to say, which was "It's been interesting" not "It was interesting" although I suppose that might suffice.) Anyway, the saga will be continued in many diaries + scribblebooks to come, you may be very sure! So, to save me the necessity of filling up more lines,


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