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For those whose browsers see color, black text indicates I own it on cassette, red text indicates CD, and green text indicates vinyl. If the particular album is not in Amazon, I've linked to the artist instead (when I can) so you can see if it's been added since I last updated this page, or what other albums might have some of the same music. You could get most of these items cheaper at, where every CD is $5.99, but there are gaps in their available selections so my individual links are still to Amazon.

I've split this into two files: this one covers artists A-L, and the other covers artists M-Z.

(Beatles note: almost all the Beatles I have is on the American vinyl versions (some of which are availble on CD in The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 box set); the CDs more commonly available of Beatles studio materials usually use the tracks from the British albums, which often had different titles, and nearly always had extra tracks compared to the American versions. So I'm only linking to specific CDs when the CD actually has the same tracks as the LP I have. But, well, all of the Beatles studio albums are worth it, so just go to the The Beatles discography and take your pick.)

On to Part 2, artists M-Z

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