The Tumbleweed Hypertext Family Tree

I have tried to draw the "family tree" for the fictional family described in this story several times on paper. It's usually unreadable, because lines cross and swerve and you can't tell where they are going. The best one I have takes up a whole sheet of posterboard and has several people whose names are highlighted in different colors because the names had to be written in several different places. (The highlights are supposed to tell you to look for them elsewhere and the colors give you a visual clue as to which names are the same.)

This version should be better. It's practically what hypertext was made for -- a whole lot of stuff that you can go through in any order you want. This is as far as I've gotten, but I do intend to write a third part of the story, so eventually more characters should start appearing.

I don't have any idea where most people would want to start, so I'll just give you some of the main characters as starting points.

In The Beginning...

Renee Tailor Borsky, the character with the simplest life because she's dead when the story starts! An easy place to start.
(Or Conrad Borsky, her husband.)

Farther along

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