What Would [Blank] Do?

Whenever I find myself in a difficult situation, I ask myself "What Would Jesus Do?" The mental image of my opposition being cast into pits of hellfire for all eternity *is* comforting, but probably not what the inventors of the phrase had in mind.

-- David Zeiger

What would Jesus do? Well, the guy who told temple moneychangers that they had turned his father's house into a den of thieves (and then used a whip to drive them out) might get a little annoyed at the amount of stuff sold with his name on it.

So we think we'll take some of the heat off of Jesus, and allow some other deities and related entities their day in the limelight. (And don't bother mailing us telling us we're going to go to hell. We know that already.)

What Would Satan Do?

What Would Mephistopheles Do?

What Would Beelzebub Do?

What Would Beowulf Do?

What Would Cthulu Do?

What Would Judas Do?

What Would Jah Do?

What Would Quetzalcoatl Do?>  <P><hr

What Would Bob Do?

What Would Eris Do?

What Would Xena Do?

What Would Pele Do?

(no, not the soccer player.)

What Would Superman Do?

What Would Ned Flanders Do?
(Probably a better guide to uptight Christian behavior than the original query.)

What Would Starfleet Do?

What Would Yoda Do?

What Would Lilith Do?

What Would Barbie Do?

What Would The Beatles Do?

What Would Clapton Do?

What Would Marilyn Manson Do?

What Would The Anti-Christ

What Would Elvis Do?

And a few contributed by Samantha Lynn, whose web site seems to have disappeared:

What Would Homer
Simpson -- D'oh!

What Would Duncan MacLeod Do?

And for the SouthParketeers out there:

What Would Brian Boitano Do?

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