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It seems only fair to warn people that my site is mostly writing. Anais Nin quoted her cousin Eduardo as saying "that consciousness is not painful if one is going somewhere, doing or creating something, with it. If one stands still and conscious, one rots away." I agree, and this web page is my attempt not to rot. (You get to decide if it's successful.)

What's New -- the easiest way to keep up with anything I've added recently.
Site Map -- the complete listing of everything at Segnbora's Home, old or new, and how it's organized.
Writing -- the whole reason this site came into existence, to show off my stories, essays, diaries, poems, etc. I don't know what I'd do with it all, especially the personal essays, if I didn't have a web site to put it up on.
Resources & Bibliographies -- some done for library school (such as the bibliography of child-oriented physical and sexual child abuse resources, or the recommended science fiction list); others just because I wanted to.
Bio -- Much more than you ever wanted to know about me.
Links -- the places on the Web I find worth hanging out in.
My Résumé
Webrings the site belongs to.

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