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Upon the suggestion of my beloved Jon, I've added a "What's New" list for the benefit of the two or three people who bother to come to my site more than once, so they can keep up during these floods of inspiration, short though they may be. 8)

April 2007 -- Dann wanted to get out of the hosting business, so now the site is hosted by A Small Orange.
14 February 2006 - Segnbora's Stitchery
Handmade items (cross-stitch, needlepoint, knit, etc.) that I have for sale.
16 October 2004 -- Child Sexual Abuse
An essay on the subject originally written for everything2.com.
24 September 2004 -- A Doll Like Me
An essay originally posted on Everything2.com.
29 February 2004 -- Get To Know Segnbora Through Silly Quizzes
A compendium of all the online "Which _____ Are You?" quizzes I've taken recently.
7 August 2003 -- Why These Diaries?
Reflections on why I write so much personal stuff online.
July 2003 -- My LiveJournal
Not, strictly speaking, a piece of this site, but written by me even if hosted at livejournal.com; all kinds of current diary stuff.
20 April 2003 -- Genealogy Database
A massive update of about 1900 more people.
13 December 2002 -- Wrap Up In Noder Love: An E2 Craft Project and Fundraiser
An afghan made as a fundraiser for my favorite site, Everything2.
6 July 2002 -- What Is A Slut? (And What's Wrong With That?)
Musings on American society's view of women's sexuality.
24 May 2002 -- Online Community: What Can It Give?
My experiences with several different online communities.
22 April 2002 -- This site moves off of Crosswinds.net
After a THIRD "Crosswinds lost all my files," and numerous times when no one could access this site, I got fed up with Crosswinds' service and decided to arrange for hosting through the very cool Dann Stayskal, who I know through Everything2. And now I can use the domain name segnbora.com!
23 January 2002 -- Why I Will Not Fly US Airways Anymore
A detailed explanation of the business practices that made me refuse to give any more of my money to this airline.
1 December 2001 -- It's The Most Difficult Time For My Ears
Complaining about the bombardment of bad Christmas music that happens every December.
17 November 2001 -- The Eccentric Reader's Advisory
Not quite book reviews, but thoughts inspired by something I'm reading.
1 October 2001 -- Thoughts on the Terrorist Attacks
A random person's thoughts on the events of September 2001.
23-24 September 2001 -- Replacing lost files again
You know, Crosswinds shouldn't lose my site twice in just over a year.
10 September 2001 -- Major update to the Genealogy page
Upping the number of people listed from 3500 to 5000.
1 August 2001 -- Tracking My Site's Visits
The problems of tracking the visitors to one's site.
11 May 2001 -- Pictures of Everythingians and Web Pages of Everythingians
Links pages for the users of Everything2.com.
8 May 2001 -- A Few Bad Apples
Stories about the students who make it frustrating to keep teaching.
14 December 2000 -- O Christmas Tree
Musings on what my Christmas tree shows about me.
9 November 2000 -- Marriage
The freedom to marry and not to marry.
8 November 2000 -- On American Party Politics
Thoughts on the role of third parties in American politics, written before the winner of the 2000 U.S. Presidential election has been declared.
9 November 2000 -- Communication
I finally got around to retyping a file lost in the July Crosswinds burp.
6 July 2000 -- Lost files replaced
Something happened during Crosswinds' Server update and some of my files were lost a few days ago. I have replaced them, but I only had an old version of the What's New page archived and so I don't know the dates I put up the last year's worth of items.
The Harm of Sexual Abuse: an essay about what abuse does to people.
Loss: the story of a friend who abruptly ended our friendship.
What Would [Blank] Do?: Alternatives to "What Would Jesus Do?
Band Name Fodder: a list of possible names for bands.
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