Suzanne's Diary
5th grade (1983-1984)

July 27, 1983 (Wednesday)
Mom has something on her thyroid glands and she may have to have surgery. She just found out today.

August 18, 1983 (Thursday)
Mom doesn't have to have surgery yet, but she's in a worse mood every day. She punishes me for practiclly everything I do. I'd almost rather her whining "I can't take it!" every time something doesn't suit her.

Jody spent the night.

August 20, 1983 (Saturday)
The past few weeks, except for a visit to Grandmother Saunders, have been the worst weeks I've ever known. With so many happy memories in this book, I hate to spoil them with these, but they're true. Mom yells at me every minute when she isn't punishing me.

August 25, 1983 (Thursday)
I hate my mother! She yells at me every single second of the day.

Jody's birthday was Tuesday, and I spent the night at her house. When I got there she was in her room; we played a while and then there was her party. Jod got tons of presents, Lem'n'Ada, and Cafe Ole, and a stamp album with 500 stamps and 1000 stamp hinges. She also got at least 15 books. I gave her a copy of a Nancy Drew book, The Triple Hoax, a Garfield bookmark with a bite out of it that says "The book's not bad, but the bookmark's delicious." and a horse calendar. Then we read for a while and went to bed.

The next day we got up about eight o'clock and ate, I gave Jod and Jay [her younger brother] a dancing lesson, and we went swimming for a long time. We played mermaid and some other things. Then we ate lunch, and made a concoction on the clubhouse. Jay didn't like it, Jody didn't like it, and neither did I. So we fed some to one of their cats, he didn't like it either. We threw it away. Then we got my stuff together and I had to go.

August 26, 1983 (Friday)
Today was the first day of school. My teacher's name is Mrs. Keen. I got a headache today, but then I got one on the first day of school last year too. Fifth grade is quite different from fourth. We don't even eat lunch with our homeroom. I hope I'll have ALERT on Wednesday because that's when we have P.E.

I wonder if I'll get Mrs. Peach or Mrs. Padget for ALERT. They have ALERT for second and third graders now. Maybe Janet (that's a girl I met on the bus) will be in it.

Ballet classes start September 7. That's on Wednesday, just like last year, only this year instead of class being at 6:00 to 6:45 it's at 6:15 to 7:00. Well, goodbye.

September 21, 1983 (Wednesday)
School is starting to be fun.

October 5, 1983 (Wednesday)
Fluffy [family dog] was run over yesterday.

November 13, 1983 (Sunday)
We bought a puppy. He is a Sheltie. We named him Laddie. Mom wanted to name him Poochie but I told her that was stupid.

I am in Mrs. Padget's class. Mrs. Padget is nice too. She always seems so cheerful. ALERT is on Thursday again. I miss library again too.

School is interesting. We still have to stay on the playground before school. When we go in we have reading, which is 1st period. Everyone has reading with their homeroom teacher. For me, that's Ms. Keen. Then we have 2nd period, which is activity. Monday we have art, Tuesday music, Wednesday P.E., Thursday Library (ALERT for me) and Friday, 6th period. You see, every Fri. we see a movie or something like that instead of a regular activity and the teachers decided to switch 6th period and whatever we're doing on Fridays. Anyway, then we have 3rd, 4th, 5th + 6th periods. These are what is really different about 5th grade. Instead of everyone having everything at the same time but with different teachers, each teacher teaches just one thing and people have it at different times of the day. I have Mrs. Hunter for English for 3rd period. Mrs. Hunter is not a very good teacher. She can't spell terrarium. I can spell terrarium.

For 4th period, I have science with Mrs. Ross. Mrs. Ross is my favorite teacher this year, she never yells or anything like that.

Mrs. Matthews, who teaches social studies is who I have for 5th period. we eat lunch and have recess with our 5th period class. Mrs. Matthews isn't too bad but I like Ms. Ross and Mrs. Keen better.

6th period math is my favorite time of the day. Not because I like math (my favorite subject is science) but because it is so close to time to go home. I like Ms. Keen but she's a Clemson fan. Ugh!

Movember 18, 1983 (Friday)
I need to write about October 18-19. That is when we (our ALERT class) went to Tybee Beach and Skidaway Island in Savannah, Georgia. To save trouble I am copying it out of my ALERT journal.

Skid-away Island

Going to Skid-away will be fun. I've been imagining what it will be like. I keep thinkging of Skid-away as this big mud patch with trees.

Thunderbolt Marina seems like a pretty nice place. I can tell there are a lot of shrimp in that area. It's a good idea to have a restaurant at a marina so people who have been shrimping can eat there.

All the sea oats wave
And the ocean foams, so white
In the cool sea breeze
This beach is a lot prettier than any other beach I've seen. I would most definitely rather live here than Myrtle Beach. Mrytle Beach is sort of messy-polluted and it doesn't have those pretty sand dunes.
The green salt marsh there
Stretching out so far and wide
Has many small ponds
The salt marsh was pretty too. I was impressed with just how much salt marsh there was.

So far the field study wasn't bad. I like looking at the fish + things in the aquarium. I thought the sea horses were the most interesting. The turtles look like they are looking at us.

I finally got the brainteaser about the fish in the aquarium done. I like the nurse shark.

We (Brandon + I) got some feathery bryzoa + a sea squirt. I am sorry we must leave so soon but we must. I have had such a fun time here at Skid-away. I wish we could stay for 3 or 4 days. As I look on the red brick buildings, I hope I can come back someday.

This morning we went to the lecture room. We saw a film + then Mrs. Hon talked to us. I learned a lot. Then we saw a film about high tides in the Bay of Fundy. This one was neat.

Then we went into the salt marsh. We had a scavenger hunt. I found a periwinkle, some glasswort, some cordgrass, and some sea lettuce. I kept everything but the periwinkle.

After that we went to the Indian midden. We used oyster shells to scrape away dirt. I didn't find anything, but Sarah found a lot + she let me have one of her pieces of clay daub.

After that we ate lunch.

Then we went to the dock. We had to reach into the water and get a sample. I borrowed Brandon's gloves, or rather I borrowed one of them. She used the left one and I used the right. After that we looked at our samples through a microscope. Brandon and I worked together.

The most meaningful activity for me was writing haikus on Tybee Beach. I like writing haikus.

January 1, 1984 (Sunday)
Another year has now begun. 1984 promises to be a good year + I hope it is. Here are my resolutions:
  • Try to improve in math, P.E. and handwriting.
  • Actually do the things I place to do.
  • Make friends with more people
  • Practice my dancing
  • Improve on the things I marked U on my ALERT evaluation.

January 2, 1984 (Monday)
Lori, Bridgette, Brad, Wendy, Tammy and I are putting on Cinderella. Lori is the stepmother, Wendy is the marrator, Brad is the prince, I'm the fairy godmother (and director) and Tammy + Brigette are taking turns being Cinderella and the stepsister. I am not going to live through this play. i have to direct, play a part, and make all the costumes we need. That is five costumes: a stepmother costume, 2 Cinderella costumes, a stepsister costume + a prince costume. I have made 2 of them. I'll never get them all finished.

January 3. 1984 (Tuesday)
Lori + Brigette have agreed to make the stepsister costume. I bought a giant piece of purple velvet [velour, actually] for the Cinderella + stepsister costume. We've decided the prince will just wear dress clothes.

January 5, 1984 (Thursday)
In ballet class next week we will start learning our recital dance. The theme this year is "the Wild Wild West." Last year it was "Out Of This World." I wonder what our costumes will look like.

Jan. 14, 1984 (Saturday)
I have a lot of updating to do. 1st, the 5th grade is giving a play. It is a stupid play. I am in a commercial. We also have to sq. dance fr Mrs. Davis. Ugh.

I went rollerskating with Jody. She just called + asked would I like to go skating. Mom said yes I said yes + we went. Mom gave me $5.00 + I spent $4.00 on snacks. We had a lot of fun. I am rather stiff, though, because I fell down a few times. It was still fun though. I can see why Chris Waters likes it so much.

Jan 28, 1984 (Saturday)
Thursday was my birthday. Joe, Mom and I went to Show Biz Pizza Place. I ate 2 pieces of pizza. There were about 3 people there who had birthday parties that night. I didn't know so many people in Columbia had birthdays on January 26. I also finally got 25 skee-ball tickets + traded them for a twirly ['deely-boppers' with pinwheels on the ends of the springs]. I still have five left, too, I'll start saving up again.

Today was my birthday party. Jody spent last night. We worked some on the Nutcracker Ballet set I got for Christmas. At the party, we had grape soda, chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. We played See Which State You Can Stick ['pin the tail on the donkey' with my U.S. map cork bulleting board], Ghost Tag and other things. Sarah gave me a diary + a bookmark, Jody gave me a book, The Flying Saucer Mystery + a bookmark. Brandon gave me a glitter pen (silver) that writes on T shirts + woodblocks + stuff like that. Wendy + Tammy gave me 2 thin books. And guess what! I got a record of The Nutcracker + a combination radio + tape player.

The only thing really wrong is that Wednesday I lost my sticker album. Now I only have 165 stickers instead of 337.

Feb 23, 1984 (Thursday)
The last few weeks have been busy. Last Monday we put up a U.S. flag that flew over the White House. Valentine's Day was a half day + Brandon had a party. We went on a treasure hunt + I found my prize. It was a cactus Touch Me [sticker]. Wednesday we had to square dance. Thursday was the play and we only had half of ALERT. I am telling the story of the play.

Curtain rises.
Margaret Media (Ingrid Grant) + Tom Television (Jonathan Fogle) are standing on the stage. They tell about what will happen. Then the peacock, Jennifer Uhl, does a few turns. Then CBS commercial comes on. [Each mock commercial is identified by the name of the real one it borrows a tune from.] We sing:
We've got the touch, America
And we appreciate our government
We've got the touch, America
We and LBN.
After that, we meet George Washington (Jeff Griffin), Betsy Ross (Melanie Chamberlain), and Crispus Attucks (Lethon Flowers). Then Oscar Myer commercial comes on. They sing:
Oh, we're gonna write ourselves a Constitution,
And write some laws we know we can obey
It's the only real solution
We'll fight the British King all the way.
Then we meet Benjamin Franklin (Chris Harjes) and Daniel Boone (David Ganis). Then we get the weather from Molly Meteorologist (Karen Clark). When she tells about the beaches a group of "beachcombers" come across the stage. And for the Rockies + Appalachians, Ashley Riser and Will Quattlebaum "ski" across the stage. When they're half-way across James Dreher starts out yelling "Wait up for me! Wait up for me!"

Then there's Coors commercial. They sing:

Here's to you, America
We're all proud of you, America
No other country's like it
The best of the freedom is here!
Then we meet Harriet Tubman (Andrea Deas) and Abraham Lincoln (Jay Hubbell). Then Gillette commercial:
You feel great
Every time you save
1 person
From bein' a slave
So join us
In this mighty plan
To give liberty to every ma-a-n, Yeah!
Then we meet G. Washington Carver, John F. Kennedy (Will Johnson), and Martin Luther King (Del Ruff). After that there is a sports report with Sam Sportscaster (Ward Bates) with Barry Simmons as Paul Revere, Paul James Robinson as Zebulon Pike, and Michael Wray as Neil Armstrong. Then everyone sings "You're A Grand Old Flag." The End.

I went to Brandon's valentine party on the 14th. It was fun + I got a cactus touch me. Did I say that yet? I think I did.

The Real End

March 6, 1984 (Tuesday)
Honestly, I don't know where some of these rock groups get their names! Air Supply, Big Country, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, Duran Duran, Eurythemics!

Tonight there is a special Solid Gold on, "Countdown '83" I think I'm definitly watching it. I'll write about it.

May 29, 1984 (Tuesday)
I've got a lot to catch up on. First, my independent study was a lot better this year than last year. Acually, anything is better than last year. This time I did X-rays and I got a big blue piece of paper the size of a bulletin board and put all my stuff on it.

My ballet recital was Saturday the 26th. Our costumes are white. First, you have what looked like a white leotard with a ruffle of light blue lace and a band of silver and white sequins around the collar. Then, a pullover skirt with an elastic waistband covered in silver sequins and a ruff of light blue lace around the bottom. Last, a choker made of silver and white sequins. Both sets of grandparents visited me for the recital. I accidently got a 3rd year award because I'm in a 2nd and 3rd year class even though I'm in my second year.

I wrote down the events of 3rd - 6th period today. Here they are: 3rd period English Mrs. Hunter. We're discussing interjections while going over homework (end of year review worksheets). Ward Bates is sitting outside (as usual) because he called Brian Wyatt a girl when old brine-head had his pencil. Brian Wyatt is a dog (saying Brian Wyatt is a dog is insulting the poor dogs) but Mrs. Hunter didn't even punish him for taking Ward's pencil. I'm paying just enough attention to know where we are. This is boring. Oh, great! The class just into an argument. Drat! Mrs. Hunter just cut it off. (Now Mrs. Hunter's explaining something to Brian Wade and Ward is pantomiming what he plans to do to Brian Wyatt (after class). Thank goodness, only 3 and a half (counting today) more days of school. We're almost finished with homework (and class).

4th period Science Mrs. Ross. We had the last of our Basic Aid Training classes today and we learned mouth-to-mouth rescititation.

5th period Social Studies Mrs. Hammond. Today we're playing State, a form of Bingo that uses states and capitals instead of numbers. Beth Carrion was 1st caller, so Troy Watts played her card.

Recess -- We got to stay out extra long.

6th period Math Mrs. Keen. We're doing positive and negative numbers.

My record player breaks down just when I got 11 new records. My whole record collection is now as follows:
  1. Kissing to be Clever -- Culture Club
  2. Colour By Numbers -- Culture Club
  3. What A Feeling -- Irene Cara
  4. Nutcracker Ballet -- Tchaikovsky
  5. Weird Al Yankovic In 3-D -- Weird Al Yankovic
  6. Faster Than The Speed of Night -- Bonnie Tyler
  7. Rio -- Duran Duran
  8. Julius Caesar -- Shakespeare
  9. Rhythm of Youth -- Men Without Hats
  10. Best of Disney
  11. Help! -- The Beatles
  12. Thriller -- Michael Jackson
  13. The Look -- Shalimar
  14. Sports -- Huey Lewis and the News
  15. Tonight I'm Yours -- Rod Stewart
  16. Greatest Hits 1971-1975 -- Eagles
  17. Joy -- [some classical music populizer I didn't write down]
  18. The Sound of Music Soundtrack
  19. Annie soundtrack
  20. Flashdance soundtrack
  21. Pardners -- Disney
  22. West Side Story soundtrack
  23. It's a Small World -- Disney Boys Choir
  24. Live -- Strawberry Shortcake
  25. Touch Your Toes, Touch Your Nose -- Strawberry Shortcake
  26. Sweet Songs -- Strawberry Shortcake
  27. Pets on Parade -- Strawberry Shortcake
  28. Strawberry Shortcake and her Friends -- Strawberry Shortcake
  29. In Big Apple City -- Strawberry Shortcake
  30. Country Jamboree -- Strawberry Shortcake
  31. The World of Strawberry Shortcake -- Strawberry Shortcake
  32. You're In Love, Charlie Brown
  33. Horton Hatches The Egg -- Dr. Seuss
  34. Synchronicity -- The Police
  35. A Charlie Brown Christmas

May 30, 1984 (Wednesday)
Everyone seem to want your autograph now. Sarah made me a paper autograph book with a unicorn on the front. I passed it around and got half the book filled. Today alone, I must have written "Have a nice summer. Suzanne Saunders." 50,000,000 times!

Next Monday we are going to Florida. We'll visit Epcot, Disneyworld, etc. while we stay with Aunt Martha. I'll take my diary and do some writing.

The Pretty Pup (my name for Laddie) is getting trained. He will come when called, doesn't jump up on you so much, and sometimes will shut up when told to.


June 3, 1984 (Sunday)
I copied down the top 20 hits for this week.
We're going to Florida tomorrow.

June 4, 1984 (Monday)
Right now, we are on our way to Florida. We just went over the St. Mary's river and now we're in Florida. We (Mom and I) stopped off at the Welcome Center and got a pile of brochures 2 and a half inches thick. Mom asked me to look at them. I'll be looking all night! I'll catch up on events tomorrow. Bye.
Later on June 4
I wonder if there will be a new moon tonight. Whoever writes Duran Duran's songs must've, they had a hit called New Moon on Monday. Ha ha ha.
We (Joe, Mom and I) saw Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It was good but kind of gross. The story is, Indiana Jones' plane (with him, a Chinese boy named Shorty, and a beautiful girl named Willie in it) crashes in India, and they go to the nearest village, but the people there are starving because some guy took their sacred stone. They ask him to go get it for them, and he agrees.

I'll finish tonight.
Night June 4
We got 50 different brochures at the Welcome Center! A bunch, right?
Todday I realized that I've never described myself in here so now I will. I'm nearly 5 feet tall, weight 100 lbs, and have long brown hair. I wear glasses, get good grades and love Culture Club. I promise I'll finish the movie tommorow, but now I'm very sleepy. Bye.

June 5, 1984 (Tuesday)
It's fun down here at Aunt Martha's. Today we went to the beach and had lunch there. Tommorrow, Epcot! I have $10.50 left so I spent $3.45 today. Tommorrow I'll spend the 10.50. probably tomorrow.

Well, I know I need to write it down, so here's the rest of the movie.

After he agrees to find their sacred rock, he gets some elephants and elephant tenders and they go to a castle, I forget the name, and the tenders run off with the elephants, but Indy + Co. still get to the palace.

I'll finish later.


June 6, 1984 (Wednesday)
Boy, did we have a fun day. We went to EPCOT. this is what we did.

First we went to The Land. In there, we went to Listen to The Land, which is where you ride through different environments and several experimental greenhouses. Then we went to the Kitchen Cabaret, which was a sort of theater telling about nutrition. First we saw the dairy group which was Mr. Milk, Miss Cheese, Miss Yogurt and Miss Ice Cream. Then we saw the Cereal Sisters and Bread (bread and cereal group), then Hamm'n'Eggz (meat group) and finally the something Combo and Fiesta Fruits. Our "hostess" was Miss Bonnie Appetit. After that we ate lunch at the Farmers Market, which was a lot of little food shops where you could get anything you wanted. Martha got a salad + cheese from the Cheese shop, and Mom and I split a Country Sampler from the Sandwich Shop. Then we had ice cream me and Mom chocolate, and Martha lemonberry swirl.

Then we went to the Universe of Energy. It was awful. They have this movie theater with a screen all around the room and your seat keeps turning and in 1 place your seat moves through a big room full of dinosaurs. Martha got motion sick and I got a headache so we sat on a bench for 15 minutes.

After that we went to my favorite, Journey into Imagination. The only part we went to is called the Image Works. It's a computer playground that has light tunnels, giant kaleidescopes, and more, more, more! I love the Image Works as much as I love Culture Club (and that's a bunch).

Then we went to 1 of the Communicores where there was a gift shop. I spent 7.50 there and bought:

Finally we went to the World Showcase. First we went to China, where Mom + Martha bought a lot of stuff. Then we walked over to Japan, where we ate dinner. After that we stopped off at Italy for a second. Finally we got to Germany where I bought a cute little stuffed kitty cat at Der TeddyBar, a toy store. Then we took a boat back to Future World and went home.

We didn't go on Spaceship Earth (Mom was scared [my mom is claustrophobic]), the World of Motion, or Horizons.

On to 6th grade!
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