8th Grade Diary
Part 1

June 7th, anno domini nineteen eighty-six (Saturday)
I'm visiting Grandmother S. I just got here this afternoon + Grandmother's already taken me to Jo-Belles. I picked out + she paid for: one skein of yellow yarn, 2 sets of tote bag handles, this pen + ten pipe cleaners. With the silver, dark blue, metallic blue-gray, purple, lavender, and burgundy ones I made a wand. It looks as if it would control storms. What's a stormy sort of name? I'll have to remember to check my notebook pages for names. Now I can't decide what to do with the others. What can you make with green, gold, + 2 shades of pink? (Only shades of gray...)

I got an issue of Star Hits with a "Summer Diary" in it. Under "personal file" it has a blank for first kiss. For the month of June it says first kiss of summer + August has last kiss of summer. What about us 13-year-old nerds?

Saturday the 14th, 1986 June
Yesterday Grandmother, Granddaddy + I went with a bunch of senior citizens on a bus to Winston-Salem.

We got up at 6:30 in the morning to meet the bus at Bill's Marina at 7:20. Then when we got to Salem we toured R.J. Reynolds' cigarette factory then spent 2 hours at a shopping center for lunch. If we'd spent two hours for each meal at Williamsburg we wouldn't have had a minute in Colonial Williamsburg. Then we toured the Stroh's brewery. Then visited a cemetary. The sensible people including Grandmother + I stayed on the bus, instead of walking around in the sun. I needed to put in a tampon anyway. Then we went shopping (yet again) but this time was better. I bought 2 packs of beads, 3 blank tapes + a scarlet scarf. Then we ate at a K+W cafeteria (blah).

Then we went to see a show. First there was the Chuckwagon Gang. They were good. They had a piano player, a guitarist + 3 singers. Two of the singers were girls. The old one was Ruth Ellen who sang alto + the young one was Trisha who sang soprano.

The other group was the Masters V. They showed off too much.

Sunday the 15th June 1986
Joe took me to Carowinds [amusement park] today for the Jimmy Buffett concert. Although we got there 1 and 3/4 hours before the concert began, we didn't ride anything; the lines were too horrendous. Even though I knew about 2 Jimmy Buffett songs (Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes and Margaritaville) the concert was fun. It didn't rain like it did when I saw INXS + the Gogos. That was nearly 2 years ago. Only problem: everyone stood up on the benches when the concert started, so we had to as well. Luckily for my feet, there was an intermission. Also luckily for two of Joe's co-workers (Lynne Zaluski + another woman) because they're both pregnant.

I saw a grown-up version of Brian Wyatt (blah!) and in front of me was this guy, sorta cute, who looked like Harold Ramis (Igon Spengler in Ghostbusters). Unfortunately, he was tall, with broad shoulders to block the view and took his arms out from around his girlfriend only to clap meaning I couldn't see around him.

I think I like Jimmy Buffett. He has a good sense of humor. Like he introduced a song called "Why Don't We Get Drunk" as "the love theme from my upcoming movie--Margaritaville." And when he did some acoustic numbers everybody started yelling, "God's Own Drunk! God's Own Drunk!" "God's Own Drunk was a song Jimmy Buffett used to do in concert but the guy who originally did it's estate sued him + he can't do the song anymore. So he played this little song about this lawyer who "told me I can't do God's Own Drunk no more" and the chorus of the song was "Kiss my ass." And he said "Please remain standing for the national anthem" right before "Margaritaville."

I think I may become a Parrothead yet.

Monday the 16th June 1986
Mom + I are going to Florida (whoopee--sarcasm). The car is so stuffed with junk there's barely room for me back there.

I named the wand Astraea. That's someone in Greek mythology, I forget who.

In the back of the Wmsbg. info. packet there were some cross-stitch designs. I adapted one for needlepoint + made a tote bag with a picture of the gaol on it.

June 20, 1986 (Friday)
Florida is getting rather boring. Very boring, quite in fact. I wish school had 3 one-month vacations or the equivalent instead of one long boring 3 month summer.

June 24, 1986 (Tuesday)
"I'm a lorry driver. I hate driving in the rain. Ironic, isn't it? Bloody ironic."
Rob McKenna in So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

I stuck that in here to make a very bad false analogy.

"I'm a student. I HATE summer vacations. Ironic isn't it?" It is so boring during summer. I never have anything to do. This summer's even worse because Mom's doing interviews + that occupies the whole of the morning, + can't really do anything from 4 pm on. Die Mutter says around Friday we'll take a mini-vacation. She wants to go to Sarasota or Miami. I want to go to Epcot! This is so awful! (Molly Ringwald accent) Oh well, in about a week it'll be July and 1/3 over. And since the only reason I keep track of days is TV and dates is here it'll pass reasonably fast.

In ten days I will have had this diary [my second volume] a year. I dont think I could possibly fill 56 pages in 10 days, especially when it took me from July to December to fill the first fifty-six pages.

Sunday I saw the Monkees on MTV again. Another 22 hour Monkee marathon. I watched from 8 am to 9 pm. Give or take a few hours, more like 1 and 1/2 hours.

June 25, 1986 (Wednesday)
  1. I don't like the way all the houses are painted sickening pastel colors. I have not seen one all-brick house since we got here.
  2. I don't like the plants. They are all so repulsively tropical. There is not one decent-looking pine tree in this whole state!
  3. There is nothing to do here. Unless you're a beachcomber. Or of course you run a beach shop.
  4. Everything else in the whole $%#?!@ state!

June 27, 1986 (Friday)
Mom + I went to Walt Disney World today. It was a lot of fun. We got there, took the train, and then went over to Tom Sawyer Island. I went through the Magnetic Mystery Mine, the escape tunnel at the fort, and went through Injun Joe's Cave three times.

Next we ate dinner in the Caribean Plaza. Then we went over to Tomorrowland + I rode the WEDWAY PeopleMover while Mom waited. Then I went on the Carousel of Progress (Mom waited this one out too) and we walked around a bit + watched the people go by. Then we walked over to Fantasyland + went on It's A Small World.

Then we rode the Skyway (what Mom calls the Buckets) back to Tommorrowland + afterward walked over to Main Street + saw the Electrical Parade.

Then Mom + I went up the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.

The very last thing we did was go in the Enchanted Tiki Birds. This was funny; it had four bird hosts. Jose, with a Spanish accent; Michael who was Irish; Pierre, who had a French accent, and Fritz, from der Deutchland.

June 28, '86 (Saturday)
Me are tahrd. Describe Epcot tommorrow. Two things for today:
  1. I think I saw Ms. Peter. Ask her if she was at EPCOT this date + tell her you saw her (if she was there).
  2. I bought a purple glowing thing. It turns pink in light. This is to remind myself to buy 2 more tomorr. + braid them.


June 30, 2986 (Monntag)
We went to Epcot. I went on Journey Into Imagination, Horizons, The Living Seas, Spaceship Earrth, + the River of Tahm in Mexico.

Today we went to Kennedy Space Center. Was O.K. So-so!

July 2, 1986 (Wednesday Mittwoch)
We are now in Key West. This island is the southernmost place in the contiguous U.S., it's on the two miles by four miles and after a couple of hours it's blah. Mom and I went on an "old fashioned trolley" tour which was interesting. Tomorrow we're going back to Clearwater.

July 3rd, 1986 (Thurs.)
Aja, Alangba, Ekun, Ejute, Etu, Ewure, Igun, Ijapa, Ikoko, Ile, Kinwn, Ojola, Opolo, blatherskate, caddles, cailleach, casfiona, coot, crofter, daft, famhair, gavallachan, ghillies, grugach, grummilie, kyne, omadhaun, rascallion, spae-wife, barmy, gormless, layabout, ligger, naff, thick, tosser, twit, wally, wanker, yobbo, chovi-hani, diddiki, kerengo, huang ya tsai, wou tou mehg, loong, hung bpo, paishu, yin yu, shihpan, menchi, hou erh, Hsiao tsai tzu, Kou Chou, mu mao, Fan Kwei, ko tzu, Chieh Kuo, Sha Tzu, Ko Tsao, Ma Tzu, dead glow, blitzed, beastie, barf out, gag me with a spoon, bag your face, grody to the max, geek, jel, space cadet, not too tightly wrapped, grody, gross [word that I can't make out], coaster, hosehead.

That is every word in the language dictionary I've been compiling that could possibly be taken as an insult. I don't really know who I want to aim that abuse at but I definitely feel like cussing at someone.

The 4th of July, 1986 (Friday)
The 210th birthday of the United States of America, the 100th birthday of the statue "Liberty Enlightening The World" and the 1st birthday of this diary. Happy birthday, USA and Lady Liberty. I don't if this diary will see a 2nd birthday, but so?

July 13, 1986 (Sunday)
FLORIDA IS BLAH! We are doing nothing here at the Shannon Motel. Mom wants to sit in the Jacuzzi awl day + Ah'm bored. I have nothing to do at all! Barf.

July 23, 1986 (Wednesday)
It's all over. Mom got a job at Madeira Beach Middle School.

I'll never see Sarah or Jennifer or Mark or Venk again. I won't go to Washington with 8th grade ALERT. I won't walk around with my friends between the 300 + 500 buildings. I can't play Cabbage Patch Kids with Amy. Keisha won't tell me to stop singing.

Oh, why did it have to happen just when I was so happy! Oh why me, God, why me? At least Mom has to take a pre-employment test and she asked me about percents so she's not sure of herself in math. [Mom is an English teacher.] I hope she flunks!! Even her commuting to Sumter would be better than living down here.

August 21, 1986 (Thursday)
Mom's already started work. I'll be going to Madeira Beach Middle School too. From the papers Mom got me it sounds like a military academy. Mom's trying to get me in the gifted program (its called Exceptional Child Education). I applied for chorus too but I don't know if I'll get in this late, it might be filled. They made you put 5 choices for elective on the sheet. Chorus was my first, then art, then beginning Spanish, then Art/Typing, then Typing/Computers. Mom got the guidance counselor to put me in Algebra.

I wrote to Keisha, Amy + Sarah. If they write back I should get the letters within the next week! I hope they write. Right now I feel like Eleanor Rigby.

August 25, 1986 (Monday)
We started school today. Madeira Beach Middle School is O.K. But I'd still much rather be at E.L. Wright where people talk to me! Other than teachers, only 2 people have said a word to me.

I wish Sarah or Keisha would write! I'm not surprised Amy's taking a while, but Sarah + Keisha...Oh well, knowing the way I normally answer letters, they won't be here for a while. Mom says it takes 3 days for a letter to get there from here or vice versa so if they write anytime soon it won't take long to get it.

People here look like people in S.C. I've seen dead ringers for Christy Freeman, Chris Samulski, + a couple of others.

September 2, 1986 (Wed.)
Madeira Beach Middle School:
  1. they make us cover our books here.
  2. they make us buy our locks here.
  3. lunch is $1.25 instead of 70 cents.
  4. I know people's names, and they know mine, but no one talks to me and I don't have any friends.
  5. these "advanced" courses are baby stuff!
  6. it's a problem getting to my locker.
  7. PE is a 2 9-weeks class, or a 3 6-weeks class as they have here.

September 21, 1986 (Sunday)
I miss E. L. Wright.

I have a friend, Brandy Hutton and there's this cute boy named Gino Dellacotti in 3 of my classes, but I miss Sarah + Mark, and Keisha + Justin. I'm lonely. Nobody from my old school writes. I ought to write to Wendy + Tammy. They might write! It'll be so nice to get our own house. Mom + I argue all the time, the shower scalds you when you turn on the water, and I NEED SOME PRIVACY! I am so sick of HER prying into everything I do. I can't do anything around here! I wanna be free, to quote the Monkees. And I want my stereo back.


October 23, 1986 (Thursday)
A thousand greetings. Plenty to catch up on, I see.

1st period - Art ms. D'Louhy. She's nice. We also have a student teacher named Miss Winter. One six weeks is already up and I got an A here. Actually I got straight A's and everyone seems to think it's such a big deal. I have been elevated to Miss Smart along with another girl named Joy.

2nd period - Chorus Ms. Gatewood. One of my faves. Ms. Gatewood has the same taste in music as I have and I love the songs we're doing, real mournful chords. Songs: Sing and Be Joyful, Send Down The Rain, All My Trials, Festival Alleluia, and 2 pop songs: Separate Lives and That's What Friends Are For. (Alto) Brandy's in this class too.

3rd - PE Ms. Pruitt. What can I say?

4th period - Social Studies Mr. Rippetoe. O.K. So-so. Mediocre. Mr. Rippetoe reminds me of Mr. Hinton. Works out, etc. though Mr. R's not married.

5th period. Advanced Science. Ms. Cook. Fun, although "advanced" science is easy as pi. I sit next to T.J. Sparling. Imagine someone as talkative as Mark, not quite as smart + definitely tougher.

6th period - Ms. Philbrook Algebra. O.K. See later + I'll talk about the happenings in math.

7th period Advanced English Mrs. Zinn. We're doing "Enjoying Literature," (book) and it's fun except we always do questions.

I've applied for the Program for the Academically Talented at St. Pete High School. There's a pretty good chance that I may get in.

This school is definitely rougher than E.L. Wright. You hear words like "fuck" + "shit" constantly, whereas at ELW they were reserved for when you were really made, etc.

Correction, it's Jeno, not Gino. I'm still not exactly sure how the last name is spelled. Jeno's in my chorus, S.S., and math classes.

I got asked out. But two different people. A David Warman who according to my whole math + most of P.E. class likes me. Ich verstehen nicht. [German for "I don't understand."] He comes over to me right before class, says stuff like "Wanna come over to my house and read with me?" [delivered in a very leering manner]. The other'n is Matt something who actually got down on his knees + asked, and about a minute later, I heard him ask Brandy the same question. As you may have gathered, I said no both times. Being not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do if I say yes (and possibly how far I'm suppsed to go) I thought it safer. And I really don't like David or Matt. [I didn't mention that my automatic fear on being asked out was that I was being teased, a la Martha Dunnstock/Dumptruck in Heathers].

October 24, 1986 (Freya's day)
Matt asked me out yet again. I said no yet again. Jeno came over + said, "Well, I hope you feel good, 'cause he's over there crying. I hope you feel good." Ich verstehen nicht that. I mean, would he go out with someone he didn't particularly like. Well, at least he knows my name. [Jeno, not Matt.]

November 8, 1986 (Saturday)
Hi! To put things in order:
  1. we moved into our new house 11048 91st Avenue N. We slept in sleeping bags because the furniture hadn't arrived yet.
  2. Furniture + Grandmother + Granddaddy L. arrived, same day. I got all my junk back, Naiseries Total, etc.

November 14, 1986 (Freya's Day)
I got a (small, very) solo in chorus. In "It'll Be A Merry Christmas When He Comes" 1st we sing 2 verses then Eddie goes "Put the turkey on the table Emmeline" echo "Emmeline" (whole chorus echoes); then I go "Fetch the wood 'n' bake the puddin' Emma Jean" "Emma Jean." It's funny but I still get nervous.

Also, I seem to have another boy on my back. Jason Evans (English + S.S.) in Eng. has started whispering not-so-sweet nothings. He: blows kisses, winks, makes...suggestions (guess what kind). I pretend not to listen. (He knows I am though, he can see me smile through my hair). He sits across the aisle. I don't think I really like Jason, although what he says gets me slightly aroused occasionally. (S.O.S. as with David + Matt, who've slackened off, David more so than Matt.) But all of this is doing WONDERS for my self-esteem.

Jeno (Dellicolli, I think) got moved next to me in S.S. class. He teases me about my grades (A's) compared to his (B-C's) but it's still heaven because I get to look at him (all of him, he sits to my right.)

November 22, 1986 (Saturday)
I was in the bookstore today + I saw this "Witch's Book of Spells" or something like that, I don't exactly remember the title, but I'm gonna buy it the momentI save $5.87 (including tax and minus $1.43 which I have). It said coral is a charm against zits, so I'm going to wear my coral bracelet for a few days + see. Actually blood coral is bettter but all I have is pink. A love charm: recite the name of the one you love backwards + fix him in your memory right before you go to bed. Onej, Onej, Onej. Also, you can draw a 5 pt. star on parchment, write refrigerator be invisible to me, one word in each point, + visualize the weight you want to be, and put it on the refrigerator.

November funf-und-zwansig, 1986 (Tues.)
Other than the fact that I don't fit in terribly well around here, I'm OK. coral seems to be working but no luck on lover charm.

Day After Thanksgiving, 1986
I am so bored. On Thanksgiving you are supposed to go visit people like Grandparents, but since they are still here, not much point in that. Martha, although she makes good turkey, is not a good substitute. So I'm bored.

The Doctor Who convention Martha, Mom + I were going to Sunday (today's Fri.) got canceled. It was technically the "Jon Pertwee Doctor Who" convention but the 3rd Doctor is OK. But now we can't go. They don't know if it'll be rescheduled. Hhmmpphh!

Grandmother, Mom, Martha + I went to a neat art gallery. I got Mom + Grandmother to buy me some $13.00 "niobium" earrings which are made colorful by running an electric current through them. They're pretty.

Sometimes grownups can be so silly! After the art gallery we went to a craft shop + I saw this $15.00 Garfield plastic canvas kit that has Garfield in his box with his blanket + Pooky + It's three-dimensional! Well, the piece that's Garfield is flat, but it fits in a 3-D box + in front of it's Pooky + such. So when we were about to go, they told me to go look at the stuff on the sidewalk sale. Do they think I didn't know what they were doing? And as confirmation, they were silly enough to have it in a plastic bag, which was [semi-]see-through. I'm not blind y'know.

On Nickelodeon the Monkees are on at six. I watch them. Much as I enjoy the show (lots) it makes me lonely for home, that is, Columbia. I should be resigned to the fact that I'm stuck here, but I'm still lonely for my real friends: Sarah, Keisha, Mark, Venk, Jennifer, Michelle...Not that Brandy's not my friend, but no one can ever be like my old friends, and even Brandy can't be everyone from Amy to Tammy, to Sarah to Keisha, to my argue friends. I'm lonely.

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