8th Grade Diary
Part 2

December 10, 1986 (Wed.)
Our first chorus concert was today. It was at some church's Fellowship Hall.

Instead of Eddie doing the 1st solo, for the past few weeks, it had been Jeno, but in rehearsal right before we left to go, in the middle of the song, Jeno goes, "I don't wanna do this solo, Please don't make me!" Ms. Gatewood says all this stuff about well all your friends said you could do it but I guess you can't, + told David something-or-other to do it. He did it better than Jeno did in rehearsals. I did fine.

Brandy + I rode with our friend Heather in her granddad's truck back (it had a top) with 4 boys, 7th graders they were. I don't know their names except for Chris (aka Frenchy, he's from Paris). He speaks perfect English even though he was born and raised in France. I was much quieter than the others.

Anyway Heather brought a boom box + we all listened to Van Halen + Motley Crue + Ratt, as it was quite a ways to the church. It was fun.

After we got back, Brandy + I walked into sci. class late + Ms. Cook was about ot show a film strip + when she turned the tape on it goes "Shot through the heart, and you're to blame, you give love a bad name!" Somebody switched the tapes. Jenny said it was her, but Michaelene's tape. Ms. Cook was nice about it. She didn't scream or give Jenny detention + she let us listen to the tape at the end of class. I like Ms. Cook.

Extra: Tamolis Clark, during his solo of The Little Drummer Boy, fell over. Not exactly, though. He forgot his words + somebody snickered + he leaned over to the side and somehow ended up on his hands + knees on the stage. Ms. Gatewood just had him stand up + finish the song.

December 18, 1986 (Thor's day)
God rest you merry, Gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay,
Remember Christ our Savior 
Was born on Christmas Day
To save us all from Satan's pow'r
When we were gone astray
O tidings of comfort and joy
Comfort and joy,
O tidings of comfort and joy.
Tonight (I'm writing at 8:55) was our Winter Concert. It was OK, basically like every other band-and-chorus concert I've ever attended. Intermediate band was blah. Regular band was pretty good. Chorus was pretty good. Tamolis didn't fall over this time. At the end we (Alicia Burles?) gave Ms. Gatewood a present. I think it was something to eat.

Tomorrow 1, 2 + 3 period we have assemblies when chorus sings. We're doing "It'll be a Merry Christmas" but not with solos. 4th we have a free period, 5th a presentation on something, 6th free + 7th Mrs. Zinn actually thinks we'll do spelling last period the day before Christmas vacation! The class'll go wild!

Incidentally, it's Dellicolli, and believe it or not there are two in the phone book! Well, at least I can spell his name right.

December ye 19th, the year of our Lord 1986 (Friday)
Today was our assemblies. They went fine. To shorten the program, we had to delete "Wondrous Star" and Tamolis's and Frenchy's solos, but everyone liked what we had, especially Lynette's "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" + "It'll Be A Merry Christmas" minus solos.

4th: Free period. I talked to Melinda + watched football game. Oh, not a real one; the kind played with a piece of paper folded into a triangle. Mr. Rippetoe (!), Jason, Jeno, + a couple others played two at a time. Not all that interesting.

5th. Ms. Cook's presentation person couldn't come. So free period again. I gave Brandy her box, she gave me a purple bracelet. Also there was some computer game with elements + symbols. Brandy + I temporarily joined TJ's side; it was Ivan vs. TJ. And Ms. Cook told me she wants me to represent MBMS 8th grade in some sort of science contest between the middle schools.

6th. We saw 1/2 Sleeping Beauty. Pretty good. They had fairies named (get this) Flora, Fauna, and Merriwether! I got the usual math class teasing. I actually got asked if I was gay! (David) because I don't pay attention to boys when they, quote, "try to be nice to me." Really! I told him I just wanted some peace + quiet so I could read! (this waving the book in his face.) Becky + Co. had fun putting makeup on TJ and others. She (Becky) also used lipstick to put marks on people's cheeks, mostly boys.

7th period. Spelling. Boring. Blah.

Merry Christ's Mass

The Last Day of Autumn (Dec. 21) (Sun's day)
Christmas #1 (Mom + me)

All I got was a beautiful pair of lead crystal earrings + matching necklace. I'm not mad, I know nobody would've wanted to shop in these crowded malls. Besides I'll get more from grandparents + something from Josh + Lean (hopefully not tacky socks or votive candles.)

Joyeux Noel!

December 23, 1986 (Dienstag)
Well, tomorrow's Christmas Eve + Josh, Le-le + Michael will be here. Mom let me open a present yesterday and one today. One was a set of acrylic paints + three canvas boards; the other was two brown hair combs. And, though it wasn't really a present, Grandmother gave me a package of barrettes. Tomorrow I'll be playing spaceship.

Feliz Natividad!

Christmas Eve, 1986 (Wednesday)
  • 1 set of Jean Nate Cologne + After-Bath Splash
  • 1 Garfield set mentioned earlier
  • 1 matching set of blue earrings + bracelet
  • 1 sweater
  • 1 purple purse (huge!)
  • 1 pair socks
  • 1 color-it-yourself poster
  • 1 book, "Our Universe" National Geographic

Boxing Day 1986 (Friday)
From Scott, Joe, + Grandmother + Granddaddy S., I got:

Joe took me to see "Brighton Beach Memoirs," a movie based on Neil Simon's play. It starred Jonathan Silverman, only he was cute, not geeky in this. [I had Jonathan Silverman mixed up with Mark Price, Skippy from "Family Ties" -- Jonathan Silverman is always cute.] It takes place in 1937 + Eugene (who hates his name) wonders about things like how girls jerk off, what his cousin Nora looks like [unclothed -- This wasn't the original word I used, but I'm tired of this page drawing those who expect to view obscene images], etc. His older brother explains, etc., + even finds him a picture of a[n unclothed] girl (not a good one, the old fashioned kind). All in all, it was probably better than Three Amigos or The Little Shop of Horrors would have been. [This was obviously before I'd seen Little Shop of Horrors.]

Oh, something I didn't list: 18 bracelets, most of the spectrum + then some, two of each color. They're nice.


New Year's Eve 1986 (Mittwoch)
Guten Morgen! Make that Guten Tag, it being 12:41 pm. Ich bin about to watch the top 100 vid.s of the year, which I missed last year. On this drei-hundert und funf-und-sechszig Tag of neunzehn sechs-und-achtzig, here are my resolutions (remind me to write them in purple every year)

New Year's Resolutions
  1. Music is more important than anything!
  2. Don't get hair cut.
  3. Get Jeno to notice me (not as a bookworm!)
  4. Ignore all the wisecracks.
  5. Understand people.
  6. Read.
  7. Write.
  8. Dance.
  9. Stand up for myself.
  10. Get old friends to write.
  11. Don't gain weight!
  12. Be me.
  13. A.L.B.N.L., Be a sorciere.

Well, Ah'm watching the top 100 videos top 5. They ah:
5. Steve Winwood - Higher Love
4. Madonna - Papa Don't Preach
3. Robert Palmer - Addicted to Love
2. Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name
Numero Uno, Nummern Ein, Number One Video of 1986!
Peter Gabriel, Sledgehammer (ugh!)

I'll probably stay up until one or two. Whenever Mom says to go to bed (hopefully she'll forget the time). And I'll do my usual first-entry-of-the-new-year.

12:06 A.M., New Year's Day 1987 (Thurs.)
So far I've danced, done needlework, brushed hair + teeth, basted zits, drank Sundrop + ate 'Tato skins. Soon I'll read and whenever Andy Taylor (he's on the New Year's Dall) gets around to playing "Take It Easy" I'll sing. I wonder if I masturbate will I have sex or just masturbate a lot? Well, we'll see. I plan to try it. And after I sleep I may go visit Shelly + Courtney (they're home I think) as a symbol of renewing old friendships. But that'll be later. Andy Taylor is boring. I hope Lone Justice and not Georgia Satellites or Dave Edmunds are on next. I know several L.J. songs as opposed to one each for A.T. + G.S. And none for D.E.

Well, good night.

3:41 p.m. New Year's Da (Thursday)
It snowed. About 4 inches. I visited Shelly + Courtney. C. + I made a snowman.

I hate Mom. She sees "attitudes" where none exist. I can't say anything without her saying she doesn't like my attitude. I wish we were back in Columbia! The I'd be alone + she couldn't get on my case about everything.

Nobody loves me, Nobody cares,
Nobody gives me peaches and pears.

St. Agnes Eve (Jan. 21) 1987 (Wednesday)
I discovered this was St. Agnes's Eve in my witch book. I'm performing a ceremony tonight. I'll letcha know how it turns out.

Had to do my science project oral report yesterday. I don't know what I got, but it seems the class liked "Creating Color with Light + Filters" OK. Matt got sent to turn off the lights but he turned them off too soon + Ms. Cook got mad. Other than that it went OK.

January 28, 1987 (Wed.)
Jeno got Heidi to pierce his ear during lunch today! I can't believe he actually did that! Well, as normal I was watching him + he'd sat just a table away with just Heather between us so I could see him, + I wasn't paying all that much attention + then he goes, "Ow! It's in my ear!" and as this isn't mormal lunchtime talk I looked up + there was a little fake diamond in his left ear. I bet that hurt! He showed it off all during math 'cause we had a locker + book check today. I wonder what his mom + stepdad'll say! Maybe I'll give him one of my old earrings for Valentine's Day.

My science project made the school finals.

I'm 14 now. It feels normal.

The ceremony worked. It was supposed to make you dream of your future husband. I dreamed about Mark. I'll have to see what happens next year on St. Agnes Eve.

February 1, 1987 (Sunday)
On Thurs. + Fri. Jeno didn't wear an earring so I assume his parents objected.

I need to get a new diary. There are only sixteen pages left in this one. Though, judging from most of this diary, that should last a good two months. I think I'd like to start the new one on April Fool's Day. I could start with the hello I am an alien joke.

My science project didn't make the county [finals]. God be thankit.

The Doctor Who convention is coming back. Hopefully we're going. It's next weekend.

February 4, 1987 (Wednesday)
I won the 8th grade spelling bee! Joy was 2nd. Mary Cooper was 3rd. You see, half the 8th grade (including Jeno + Matt who Brandy likes) got out on "saboteur" + I spelled it right when everyone but me + Joy was out + then she got "lymph" + spelled it with an i + I got it right! And, all through the 7th grade spelling bee I got to look at Jeno. We were all siting in rows of chairs + I could see him great!

Speaking of Jeno, this "do your own ears" seems to've become a fad. Matt got a cross in one ear + Jenny L. even did new holes in her own.

February 7, 1987 (Saturday)
Martha, Mom + I went to the Doctor Who convention. I bought a green shirt and a blue button. Although we didn't know he would be, Peter Davison was there! He autographed my copy of Arc of Infinity! which through pure luck I had with me. Martha got his to autograph her nurse's license. She said then she'd be a nurse licensed by the Doctor. One thing I can say: he's got very bad handwriting. Thee was a neat question + answer session too. I couldn't think of anything to ask, but it was so much fun! Especially when some kid asked about him being the Dish of the Day, in the Hitchhikers Guide series. He said that was him, and did the bit about "may I interest you in parts of my body?" Oh, it was so much fun.

February 8, 1987 (Sunday)
Methinks I need some help. I'll describe these events.

I went over to Brandy's today. We played Weird Al, Bon Jovi, the Bangles, Go Fish, Trivial Pursuit, etc. A friend of hers, named Chris. He's in high school, don't know what grade. He's a Whovian, likes Weird Al + the Bangles, and thinks I'm smart. Later, Brandy dropped me off at my house and dropped him off at my house so he could walk to the bus stop. So I got inside and the doorbell rings. It's Chris. He asked me out. I didn't really answer but got off the subject. I don't know what to say! It's one thing to refuse Matt + another to refuse someone who's quite a nice person.

March 2, 1987 (Monday)
Refer to December 19. The contest is a reality. David W. + I were the two candidates. We took the 8th grade end-of-the-book test. I missed 4 and he missed 22 so I am the person + he's the alternate. Ms. Cook asked me to please try to beat David because she says he drives her crazy + she'd go nuts if she had to deal with him for one full day. The contest is Apr. 25. David will learn stuff too because I could get sick. Luckily for Ms. Cook, I have a perfect attendance record this year.

March 3, 1987 (Tuesday)
Jeno was absent for 2 weeks (pneumonia according to Jenny L.) then here, and now he's been absent for 2 more weeks. I'm worried. I wish I could get up the courage to ask Jenny or Matt what's wrong. Brandy says she likes Jeno, Matt + T.J. T.J.--ugh! Matt, I think I'm starting to like.

Marie, Brandy + I are planning a sleepover. At Brandy's house, on April 17, her birthday. I'm making a tape for herr, all songs she likes interspersed with comedy.

March 9, 1987 (Monday)
Remember my applying to the Program for the Academically Talented? I Got In! So did Becky and Joy. At least there'll be someone I know around.

Jeno's back, gorgeous as ever. He has this shirt that says "Poison" on one side and "Talk Dirty To Me" on the other. I love that song!

Our math class is being split in two. The smart people stay in Mrs. Philbrook's room, hopefully with her teaching, + the people who are making D's will go to Mr. Rippetoe's 6th and have our student teacher Ms. Stevenson teach them until she leaves (end of April). Jeno is going, and math the only class where I get to look at him too. Matt, also, + maybe Brandy.

March 12, 1987 (Thor's Day)
Matthew Wallace Harding. How does that sound? a.k.a. Matt. I may be getting a crush on him.

March 14, 1987 (Saturday)
Damn! Fuck! Shit! I lost. What bugs me is not that I did lose. I've done that before. Even Mark + Venk have lost. But, you see, I wasn't incredibly sure what I was meant to be spelling! The woman pronounced it almost like accelerate. Now I look back + realize that it was exhilarate. I know how to spell that! How could I have been so dumb! I'd like to forget this whole day!

March 19, 1987 (Thursday)
Mrs. Zinn is in the hospital. Don't know what's wrong. We had a really stupid sub named Mrs. Fuller. Jenny L. + I switched seats so I could sit by Brandy + she could sit by Natt + Autumn. Since she's been here for four days we're stuck in each other's seats so she won't notice. I hope Mrs. Zinn's back tomorrow.

I stayed home from school today. I had a cold. I'll definitely go back to school tomorrow.

Becky's nice. I called her for my math + we talked for close to an hour + a half.

I definitely have a crush on Matt. It was reading Mom's Variations today + he kept popping up in my mind with us doing the things in the book. If he could crowd out Jeno in my mind, then I must like him.

March 22, 1987 (Sunday)
Two billion women on this earth and I have to get stuck with that bitch for a mother. She doesn't give a shit about me, just about how her fuckin floor looks. God, I hate her. If she's ever on a life support machine, I'd keep her alive + torture her.

March 23, 1987 (Monday)
I'm Student of the Week for 8th grade. Everybody congratulated me (except Matt + Jeno, unfortunately).

Ms. Zinn's back. I'm glad.

April Fool's Day 1987 (Wednesday)
Today was great! In homeroom (this week is CTBS tests, which we go to homeroom for) T.J. + Becky were trying to think up a good joke to play on Ms. Cook + they decided to try to get everyone out of class. They asked Mr. Douglas + he agreed. So during 5th period one of the office TA's came down with a note getting me, Eve, Ivan, T.J. + Tina out of class. Then the other office TA came in and got another 4 people out. the two TA's took turns with notes until about six people were left in class, the ones like Matt + Lonnie who drive her up the wall. So all of us met by the staircase between A + B pods and snuck up the stairs, through A pod up + down the stairs on the other side so she wouldn't see us, then we all ran in the door at the same time + yelled, "April Fool!" It was so funny!

Later Ms. Cook said she wanted to get back at Mr. Douglas for agreeing to that, so our class sat around + thought up things to do. The idea Ms. Cook liked was trashing his office. Unfortunately we couldn't all do that, so she picked 4 people (Matt included) and they went in his office during lunch + totally trashed it! They got paint that washed off from Ms. D'Louhy + "decorated" the room + toilet-papered it + everything. Matt told me they wrote "Revenge is sweet!" in red letters on white paper + hung it up, + painted the paddle red and put the intercom in the trash can + basically messed it up! I would've given anything to see the look on his face!

April 6, 1987 (Monntag)
Testing's over. Hallelujah!

Today was a good day. I got to show off in math class by doing a problem on the board nobody else could understand. Showing off by being smart is the only way I have of attracting any attention. Otherwise everybody would ignore me.

19 days until the science competition. We've barely started.

April 17, 1987 (Friday)
Brandy's birthday was today. I went to her party. It was just me, her + Marie. Her big sister Lindy picked me up, + Marie about noon. We went to Brandy's house + went in her room + read 'Neil's Book of the Dead' + Marie's romances. We asked my fortunetelling ball questions + popped all the balloons Brandy had blown up. We asked the ball stuff like "Will Brandy have sex before she's 15?" (yes) + "Is Marie a total retard?" (no). Then we walked up to Piggly Wiggly and bought: 3 bags of cotton candy, 1 pack of sunflower seeds, a six-pack of Jolt ("All the sugar and twice the caffeine"), some Swiss Miss pudding, a pack of Oreo Big Stufs + miscellaneous other stuff. We also went to a bookstore on the way home + I didn't buy anything but Marie did (although I actually paid for a lot of it cause they spent their money on snacks) + we went back to her house.

Her mom had rented some movies. We sat down in the living room + opened her presents. Marie gave her 2 goldfish. I gave her Poison's tape "Look What the Cat Dragged In." She also got nail polish (pink), a book, a Cinderella tape + a teddybear. When she read the card on the bear (it had stuff like " I will love you and hug you") she said, "I'd rather have Matt!" (She has a horrendous crush on him too.)

Then we watched "Goonies" + ate Pizza Hut pizza (not much cause we'd already eaten 3 bags of cotton candy). It was einem gut movie.

After that we went + listened to Poison + half of Cinderella. I taped "Talk Dirty to Me," "I Want Action," "Shake Me," + "Somebody Save Me."

Then we took some pizza + went to a little bridge near her house. The bridge has concrete around it + there was a hole by the edge of the concrete + my foot went down the hole + I scraped my leg. So I went back + got a bandage on it + Marie got a fishing pole + put some pizza on the hook + went fishing. There were fish in the water but we didn't catch any.

So we went back to the house + ate cake. I brought these "glow-sticks" that are supposed to glow in the dark when you break them but they didn't. And by then it was time to go.

I have really really enjoyed writing this diary. I hope my next one will be as fun and as interesting to reread.


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