8th Grade Diary
Part 3

April Fool's Day 1987 (Wednesday)
A greeting! I am Suzanne Marie Saunders, 14, 5'4" tall [that's odd; I'm only 5'3" now], 122 lbs. I have long brown hair, glasses, + zits. I love reading, dancing, music + roller skating. My best friends are Brandy Hutton + Marie Wright. My favorite rock groups are the Monkees, Bon Jovi, Poison, the Bangles + Weird Al Yankovic. I currently have crushes on Jeno Dellicolli + Matt Harding. I am in 8th grade and an intellectual (i.e., no social life period.) The next entry may not be for a few weeks, as I've got about four pages left in my old diary.

Au revoir (for now).

Brandy called + asked me to put in something about how weird she is. Brandy does tend to be somewhat weird. You'll see later in Der Buch.

April 17, 1987 (Friday)
Today was Brandy's birthday. At her party, we went fishing with pizza for bait. For a fuller account see my last diary.

April 24, 1987 (Freya's Day)
I'm going to St. Pete High.
Brandy's going to Largo High.
And Marie's going to another high school next year.

I got inducted into the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) last night. The induction was a pretty candle-lighting ceremony.

April 25, 1987 (Saturday)
Myself, Michelle Okrasinski + Andy Arana represented MBMS in the Pinellas County Science Competition. We didn't win or get into the 4-team oral competition. I would say we came in 5th or 6th out of 15 schools. It was fun, going with Ms. Cook. Afterwards she bought us sodas at Burger King. Andy + Michelle are nice. Michelle has Mom for reading. I don't think Michelle likes Mom!

Added later - Ms. Cook got the scores. We were 1 pt. away from tying for 4th.

May 6, 1987 (Wednesday)
I made myself a needlework book cover over Spring Break. Everybody liked it. Becky + T.J. asked for one. I made Becky one + she paid me $4. T.J. is paying $6 for his because it's bigger. I am in the middle of making his.

May 8, 1987 (Friday)
Today was Student Government Day. Any student who wanted to could teach a class (their choice) for one period. I wrote the events down.

1st period - Jerome Martin is teacher. The two art rooms are connected by a stockroom + also the teachers' offices. So when Ms. McElroy's class started throwing paper + squirting squirtguns, half her class rna in here. Then some of our class goes to see what's going on in there. Finally order is (somewhat) restored. Jerome writes Ms. D'Louhy up for not taking off her sunglasses.

No student teacher in 2nd.

Ms. Ross already planned oral reports for 3rd so even though some girl was teacher, it was boring.

4th. Jenny Leiner + Michelle Walters taught. We watched a film + got a quiz. Not incredibly interesting.

5th. Teacher - Becky Spears. This is interesting! Ms. Cook pretends to be "Cheryl," a new student. Everybody calls her a nerd + a goody-goody. "Cheryl" passes notes in class. Jason + Ivan together send her one. "We have been admiring your figure. Will you go out with us? P.S. you have a nice tush." Ms. Spears catches them passing it + reads it aloud.

6th. David Worman teaches. I've never seen a class answer back so much! We actually had a sub so chaos reigned. Matt, Jenny + Jeno get sent outside. Jeremy + Rick "help" explain the assignment. David finally gives up in disgust on explaining and has Jeremy do it.

7th - Jenny Leiner taught, but I wasn't there because today was the chorus department's "Puttin' On The Hits." This was fun + I didn't have to take a spelling test. I'll ask + see if anything interesting happened.

Jeno wore a Poison t-shirt today. It has "Talk Dirty to Me" on the back. He's worn it before, but today somebody decided that statement was inappropriate for school so he had to change.

May 12, 1987 A. D. (Tuesday)
Yesterday Ms. Cook's science classes went to the Museum of Science + Industry. it was quite interesting. We (everybody) sang "99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall" all the way down to one on the bus coming home. Ms. Cook called us drunken bums after we finished.

May 14, 1987 (Thursday)
Scene: Math class. We're taking a test.

Jeno complains that he did all his homework and studied two hours the night before the test and still got an F. Ms. Philbrook says she can't help that. Karen defends Jeno by saying that he was absent so much so he doesn't have the background. Ms. Philbrook blows her top. She starts yelling at Jeno, Matt + Jenny L., that they're always making smart remarks and says that if they don't stop all three will go sit in Mr. Douglas' office every day for the rest of the year with a zero. Matt raises his hand to say something + Ms. Philbrook won't let him talk. Then Matt, Jeno + Jenny get up + say they're going to go sit in Mr. Douglas' office. Ms. Philbrook asks us if she's doing anything wrong. Karen complains that she treats "the smart people" better. Becky defends the "smart" people. We get back into math. Ms. Philbrook sends Karen to go get Matt, Jenny + Jeno. She comes back alone but carrying their algebra books. She says they said they're dropping the class. Ms. Philbrook says, "Good."

May 15, 1987 (Friday)
Matt, Jeno + Jenny have to stay in the algebra class. They're mad about it. They'll just sit in the back of the room + talk, so it won't do any good to keep them in! I support them, and not just because one is a pretty good friend + I've got crushes on the others. I really think they are being treated unfairly. Ms. Philbrook had no right to single them out for things everyone does!

Jeno wore the Poison shirt today. Nothing at all happened; nobody even noticed.

May 16, 1987 (Saturday)
Today was the NJHS trip to Busch Gardens. It was fun. Neither of my good friends is in Honor Society, so I spent the day alone. Not such a deplorable condition, actually. I went on just the rides I wanted to, ate when I wanted to, + had fun. I went on the Skyway, the African Queen boat ride, etc., while everyone else went on the Congo River Rapids, etc. I saw a dolphin show, which was fun. I bought the souvenir pencil I'm writing in, some bath cubes for Mom + some candy canes for Marie + Brandy. All in all, I had fun.

May 21, 1987 (Thursday)
We got our yearbooks today. Matt signed mine. Maybe I can get Jeno to. Brand took up a whole page.

This week was the St. Pete orientations. Becky + I went on Tuesday, Joy went Wednesday, and David was supposed to, but he was absent. It was O.K.

Only 8 more days to look at Matt + Jeno in my life! I've got to find out where Matt works!

May 22, 1987 (Friday)
God, why'd I have to get stuck with such a bitch for a mother? She sucks.

I got Jeno to sign my yearbook. Brandy is jealous because she didn't even get a yearbook.

We get Monday off for Memorial Day. This is gonna be so boring.

May 23, 1987 (Saturday)
I don't want summer to come! I'll never see Brandy + Marie again! I'll never see Matt or Jeno again! This summer will be horrible! Mom + I will fight, + it'll be yucky. Oh, why do things have to change! Everything is perfect the way it is.

May 30, 1987 (Saturday)

School yesterday was interesting. Eighth grade classrooms radiated excitement and tension. If you were going to Disney (Mouse World, as Mrs. Zinn calls it) you could wear shorts. Matt + Jeno both did.

After school I dropped my bookbag off at Mom's room + went to the cafeteria. They were giving us a little snack to "tide us over" until we got there.

So then we got on the bus. Brandy + Marie were supposed to sit in one seat, with me behind them. But it turned out I was sitting beside some boy named Phil so Brandy wanted to switch. I let her, so I sat next to Marie. We told fortunes, played stupid road games, etc.

We got there about 5:15. The three of us went over on the monorail. We were being Jaelithe, Zarlanna, + Ocianana (Oceanna?) (something like that). Then we used our meal tickets at the Pecos Bill Cafe. Then we got in line for Thunder Mountain R.R. I was saying, "I think I'm going to regret this" all the time in line. Actually it wasn't that bad; in fact, 'twas fun.

Next, we went to Tom Sawyer Island. I led them through the Magnetic Mystery Mine + Injun Joe's Cave. Brandy + Marie were really screaming! Then we went over to the fort + shot fake guns at the ferryboat. Brandy liked that!! Then we got on the raft _ went back to the "mainland."

Then we went to the Haunted House. It was neat! They had this one bit where the little cars turn + face a mirror + in the mirror there appears to be an ugly apparition in the car with you. We were screaming! One of my fears has been realized, though. Brandy howled while we were in there.

Next we stopped at a novelty shop. Brandy bought some plastic ogre teeth + some skull earrings that you put little glowsticks in + they glow in the dark. Marie bought soem smoke cream (you rub it between your fingers + get smoke; it smells horrible) and one of those flashlights that has little fiberoptic things coming out of it so you get little points of light when you turn it on.

Then we went into Fantasyland. We went on "It's a Small World" and the carousel. Not terribly interesting. Then we went on the Mad Tea Party with the whirling teacups. Jeremy, Jason + Rick went on this right before us + Brandy took pictures of them. It was fun but dizzy-making.

Then we got into Tomorrowland. Of course, nothing would do but that we had to go on Space Mountain. So we waited in line for 45 min. They have it lighted blue + Marie was playing with her flashlight thingy. Then we saw Mr. Cinnamon, Mr. Douglas, Ms. Stumm, Ms. Mulry + a couple of others. When we passed them on the back + forth Marie brushed the fiberoptic bits against Ms. Stumm's cheek + she must've jumped a foot! Laster when Mr. Cinnamon got in, we yelled at him to take off his glasses (you were supposed to). I took mine off + so did Marie. The actual ride was fun, but I don't think I want to go on it again.

Then we went on Star Jets, a little thing where you have "jets" that go in a circle and you can control how high or low they go. I stayed kinda low, at least compared to Brandy + Marie.

Then we went shopping. I bought a pen shaped like a green plastic Slinky and a purple pencil for me. I also bought Mom two pencils. This was at a store in Tomorrowland. Then we went back to Main Street. Marie + me bought lots of candy (and popcorn + Cokes) while Brandy stood in line for mouse ears with her name on them. Brandy also bought us each a balloon. Mine's blue, hers red, + Marie got yellow for herself and pink for her sister.

The we had to go. Marie + me took the boat back + got there first. Bradny refused to ride the boat + waited in line for the monorail.

The ride home was as interesting as Disney itself. Jenny Leiner + Jenny Michael were sitting across from Brandy + Jenny L. + Phil switched seats. So while Jenny L., Brandy, Marie, + me talked, Jenny M. + Phil kissed. Jenny L. had bought a Slinky. She tried putting it around her neck. But when she took it off it was mucho tangled mess. We tried to undo it, but it deserved a decent burial. We all just talked until Phil did something that made Jenny M. cry so they switched back. I spent the rest of the trip staring out the window, thinking about Jeno. The seating chart for the bus he was on said he + Georgia Christakos were sitting together. I kept seeing htem kissing; I mean, they hug in chorus, why wouldn't they kiss on a bus? Georgia is nice, but she's kinda chubby, and not that great-looking. Why couldn't he kiss me?

I got a ride home with Brandy, from the school where the buses let everyone off. On the way home, Brandy mentioned that Matt, Jeno, Jenny, etc., were going to have trouble sleeping because they'd taken some amphetamine pill that equals seven cups of coffee. Brandy thought this was silly, because Jenny had mentioned that hs'ed been up til 4 in the morning on one before. I agree with Brandy.

We got home about 1:15. My key didn't open the door, so Mom had to let me in. Then I went to bed.

June 1, 1987 (Monday)
Jeno wore the Poison shirt again. 1st couple of periods, nothing seemed to happen, but either before or during lunch he + Matt switched T-shirts. I heard Matt say later he'd switched because Jeno would be suspended if he got caught wearing the shirt again, but it was Matt's 1st time. I really can't see what all the fuss is about. The shirt's not really obscene or anything!

June 3, 1987 (Wednesday)
Today was the last day of school. 1st + 2nd periods we had an assembly. I got 8 different certificates for things. Matt got two. He was skipping or something + wasn't in the assembly to get them. The next three classes were boring. We didn't do anything. Marie, Brandy + I got permission to eat in Ms. Klase's room, away from all the noisy people. Then there was the dance 6th + 7th.

Everyone dressed up fancy. I wore my pink skirt + white blouse. Brandy wore a turquoise dress. Marie wore a pink formal. A lot of the girls wore formals, + a lot of the guys dressed up too. Matt + Jeno both wore black tuxedos (tails!) with white shirt (of course), pink belt [cummerbund] + pink flowers in their lapels. (And pink socks!) Brandy took pictures of both + has promised to send me copies. Both of the boys looked great! Brandy got up the nerve to hug them goodbye. Me, I couldn't even say goodbye! I was too tongue-tied. Marie couldn't manage to say or hug goodbye to John (Price) the boy she likes. It's so impossible that my life at MBMS is over, I just can't believe it. I'll never see Matt or Jeno again! Marie + Brandy + I will get together over the summer, so it's almost worse with Matt + Jeno.

The 8th grade voted on people. I won "Most Likely to Succeed." Jeno got "Most Likely to Be A Rock Star." There was even "Most Likely to Drive a Yugo" which Bubba Barly got. Carol Spector got "Best Hairstyle." Her hair is longish + sticks out in spikes from the front of her head. The back is normal. On the poster they used her yearbook picture which is before she got her hair styled. Tara Fortino got "Most Talkative."

Goodbye, MBMS.
Goodbye, 8th grade.

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