10th Grade Diary
Part 4

April 17, 1989 (Monday)
Got away with it cold!

"It" is what I did this afternoon. Not something big if you're Axl Rose who's been arrested "over 20 times" but major for mama's girl Suzanne! What I did was get off the bus at the Seminole Mall stop, stopped by the library first to get my forms for C.A.S.S. [Cultural, Artistic, or Social Service, a requirement of the International Baccalaureate program -- rich kids spent a summer in France or Spain, I volunteered at the local library] requirement filled out, and then went over to Radio Shack + bought some tape boxes and a blank tape. Then I walked the extra 8 blocks to 86th St. [my bus stop] and then the usual walk from 86th to my house, except along Duhme instead of Seminole. Definitely not much but definitely a start. (I got home 20 min late but Mom didn't comment.)

April 23, 1989 (Sunday)
Marie called yesterday and asked if I wanted to spend the night and go skating. I said sure and Mom took me over there. When I got there, we make me a copy of the tape of her + me + Brandy reading Arizona Temptress and then went over to Community Bible Church, started to play basketball, stopped + went over to the playground and took the rest of a roll of pictures of each other + played on the equipment (Ozzy, Sam Kinison blasting). Then back at her house I taped Sam Kinison and we ate spaghetti and then we went over to Southland Roller Rink. And Marie met this 24-year-old! His name's David. They spent most of the time talking/nuzzling. He's supposed to call her. He had a friend Jaré (or something like that, pronounced Jar-ay) who got Marie's phone number too. Marie said that when he first sat down next to me (across from David + Marie) he was looking at me, but that when she motioned to him to do something, he whispered "She'll slap me!" (I wouldn't have!) (How come I didn't notice any of this stuff? The skate races weren't that interesting!) But at 10 Marie's grandmother showed up and we had to leave. So we went home and watched TV + ate Heavenly Hash ice cream. When the Headbanger's Ball came on, Marie taped most of the videos for me (she's still got the videotape and a long list to try to get for me) until about 1:35 because Marie's grandparents had told us not to stay up too late and anyway we were both tired.

The next morning, as usual, I woke up first and read the Faces I bought at our stop at Albertson's to get the Heavenly Hash. We had (wonders, something normal!) biscuits for breakfast, made more tapes, more ice cream for lunch, at 3:30 Marie's grandmother took me home.

April 24, 1989 (Monday)
Update: Marie called, David came over and asked her out. Quote "If my grandmother finds out, she'll shit!" I'm sure!

May 15, 1989 (Monday)
I stayed home from school today -- woke up with the same horrible headache I had all weekend. It's pretty much gone now (12:55) finally! Since I stayed home Thursday before last and those four days, I now have 6 absences for the semester. Only 3 possible more, but only 16 days of school. To quote Gina on the bus, "I am so ready for this year to end!"

May 21, 1989 (Sunday)
Spent last night at Marie's. She called right before dinner yesterday and asked if I could spend the night. Mom took me over there and we walked to (and then around) the Mall then went to the video place and got Eddie Murphy Delirious, School Spirit, and Jocks. We watched the 1st two and then Headbanger's Ball until 2:50 and then went to bed.

I woke up at 8. Marie woke up at 10. We watched Jocks and pieces of Less Than Zero. After lunch we went over to a craft festival in Seminole Park or whatever it's called, and then they took me home.

May 26, 1989 (Friday)
Major frabjousness! See the 23rd of September. His name is Keith Thomson! I discovered this while looking through Michelle's yearbook (well, okay, I was looking for his face!) But I guessed wrong; he's a junior -- but I still get to watch him next year! But all my classes next year are P.A.T.! (Shit, he can't be in any!)

le 11 juin 1989 (dimanche)
School's out for summer! School's out forever! School's been out for four days and I'm so bored! Of course, today's Sunday, always the most stupidly boring day. My comments on Sunday are recorded elsewhere, but the problem is that TV sucks (well, it nearly always does, but Sundays even more so) and there's nothing to look forward to. When we need vacations, in the middle of the year, there's nothing, and then there's this huge hunk of boredom time.

So one year ago today was the first real entry in this diary, and now I'm still in the same mental state. But I've changed. The walls are now covered with: G'n'R, Hurricane, BulletBoys, Faster Pussycat, L.A. Guns, Ozzy, Cinderella, Winger, Poison, Dokken, White Lion, Vixen, Robert Plant, Femme Fatale, Lita Ford, Circus of Power, Skid Row, Warrant, Kix, Ratt, Jetboy, Jane's Addiction, The Dogs D'Amour, Exodus, Megadeth, Anthrax, Motorhead, Metallica, Suicidal Tendencies, Testament, + Death Angel. My my my, if Michelle could read that list. [Michelle being a school friend who did not like heavy metal at all.]

June 21 (Summer Solstice) 1989
Yesterday I did my first volunteering at the library, 3 hrs 40 min. It was fun, surprisingly, even though all I did was file alphabetized cards and paste a few pockets into the backs of children's books (and got a headache from the position of my neck) but I think I'll enjoy this. anyway, only 96 and 1/3 hours to go.

Mrs. Dyckman forwarded me a T-shirt the Journal Francais d'Amerique sent me for being one of the 75 runners-up in their commemorative contest de la Revolution Francaise. It's actually fairly nice, not a tacky nerd shirt. It has this black triangle with half a revolutionary cockade sticking out on one side (whole thing I suppose meant to be a tricorn hat) with the words "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité" under it underlined in red + blue. It's too big but I used the clasp from my Twist-a-Beads to knot one corner.

We're supposed to leave for North Carolina next Monday the 26th (Fiesta de Santa Carolita!) (Today's Wednesday). Joe + Melinda are getting married Saturday the 1st of July.

June 28, 1989 (Mittwoch)
At Grandmother L's (since 6:00 pm Monday), currently 10:50 am, Grandparents S. are picking me up at 1:30 p.m. We're gonna stop by someplace and get me some shoes to go with my pink blouse and skirt that I'm wearing to the wedding, since neither ratty L.A. Gears or flip-flops are particularly appropriate. [Really, those were all the shoes I owned at the time.] Hopefully we can buy some film for my camera too.

July 2, 1989 (Sunday)
Lordy, what the past few days have been! OK, on Wednesday my Grandparents S. picked me up and on the way to the trailer, bought me some white shows and lots of other stuff and later Grandmother decided that the one dress [matching skirt and blouse, actually] I brought with me wasn't enough to wear to the bridal luncheon, the rehearsal dinner + the actual wedding so she decided to buy me another dress.

So on Friday we drove down there [to Columbia, SC], Grandmother + I attended the bridal luncheon which was fairly boring and went back to Joe's + I copied Led Zeppelin II + Jimi Hendrix Experience Smash Hits on one of the tapes Grandmother got me. (That reminds me, my Walkman is working after we took it to where Grandmother bought it.) Then, still wearing the pink blouse and skirt I wore to the luncheon, we all went to the wedding rehearsal (fairly boring) and then to the after-rehearsal dinner at someplace called AJ's. I got seated across from Scott and next to Steve Page which was fairly interesting except my shoes were killing me but my feet froze if I took them off.

So the next morning before the wedding, Grandparents + I followed Joe over to White's at Dutch Square Mall to find me a dress. We argued for a while because all the ones she picked out were stuff straight out of Laura Ingalls Wilder at her worst, but finally we found this fairly simple white dress with vertical blue stripes, looks like a fancier version of something Mrs. Vera might wear, and it fit so we got it.

After lunch we got dressed + such (Steve + Joe had already left) and drove over to the chapel at the University and had a family reunion with Pudge + Louise + Trudy + everybody else who showed up (but I was in a foul mood 'cause of those damn shoes!) and then Melinda's neighbor Mrs. Ott who was running the wedding put our corsages on us (Melinda's parents are dead) and we got to sit down until time to start. I got ushered down the aisle on the arm of Jim Valentine + then I got to sit in the front pew with Grandmother + Granddaddy. The ceremony (performed by Melinda's preacher; she's Baptist) was pretty but kinda stupid if you're not religious. After they were married, everyone got escorted back down the aisle. After all the guests gotten out, the photographer took picutres of all the bridesmaids + groomsmen + the bride + groom + Grandmother + Granddaddy + me + Melinda's aunt + uncle who substituted for her parents. And then he finished in the chapel and we were all gonna walk across the Horseshoe to the Faculty House where the reception was. The chapel has one step and then a porch and then more steps. Grandmother was the first out and she missed the first step and fell and landed on her right elbow and hip. The elbow was just skinned, but she couldn't move her leg so Joe + Granddaddy got her back to a chair in the entry to the chapel + called and ambulance. They came and took her to Baptist Hospital + Granddaddy + some of those relatives followed the ambulance. Joe + Melinda + Karen Page and I went over to the reception and I got to remeet Joe Ryan and Huyuh (? - "When") and Ed Ewing (well, I had already re-met him since he was a groomsman) and Grandmother had given me her corsage to hold so I gave it, and mine too, to Aunt Louise to dry. I didn't catch the bouquet even though I was one of the candidates -- Melinda through [I can't think why I wrote "threw" that way.] it straight up and it hit the fan (cutting off a few blossoms) and landed in the arms of Melinda's sister Cindy (the maid of honor).

When Joe + Melinda left everyone threw birdseed at them (the squirrels that live all around ther are gonna have a feast!) and they left in Joe's Alfa Romeo with "Bad to the Bone" blasting. Somebody had stuck a "Shit Happens" bumper sticker on the back.

Steve + Karen + Louise + me all went over to the hospital and met Granddaddy + Trudy + them. It turned out that Grandmother had broken her hip and would need surgery to put a pin in it. Eventually the relatives all left and Joe, Melinda, Scott, and his girlfriend Lou Ann showed up after having gone + changed and everything. So about 8 Granddaddy + I got a chance to go back to Joe's + change (and get out of those shoes!) and grab a hot dog at Sandy's. Then we went back to the hospital and were told they wouldn't do the surgery until Monday, because they were going to give her blood transfusions to bring up her low platelet count. Then we got to see her. It's funny [in the sense of "peculiar," I must add] how helpless anyone looks in a hospital bed. She was in pain because the shot they'd given her hadn't taken effect. Eventually we left and went back to Joe's. I watched bits of SNL and Headbanger's Ball and went to bed about 1:30.

The next morning Granddaddy went to the hospital and when he came back we called Grandparents L. to warn them that he was bringing me back up there, and we drove up, got my stuff out of the trailer, drove to Morganton, and that's where I am now. Further developments will most likely be noted here.

July 3, 1989 (Monday)
Joe called and said that Grandmother's surgery went well; she'll be in a walker tomorrow and might even get to go back to North Carolina by the end of the week. Joe + Melinda are probably gonna leave about Thursday for Bermuda, since they postponed their honeymoon trip because of Grandmother.

July 9, 1989 (Sunday)
Still at Grandmother L's. Nobody's called about Grandmother and nobody answered when I called their trailer, by which I assume they're still in Columbia.

Grandmother L. went through her jewelry and gave me: cloisonné butterfly earrings, danglies with little squares, medium gold ball earrings, chunky silver ones, a matching necklace + bracelet of some metal that looks knotted, and a gorgeous lapis lazuli necklace that Granddaddy said was worth over $100! Wow. "He said it again because he knew it would annoy the press." Wow. [The bit in quotes is from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]

July 12, 1989 (Wednesday)
Grandparents S. are back in N.C. but they're staying with Pudge because Grandmother is in a walker and you can imagine how that would be in the trailer! Dunno when I'll get to visit them and yard sale is postponed indefinitely. They may even have it without me (as long as they send me the money I'll be pretty much satisfied {although it would've been nice to see my stuff being sold (but I shouldn't give up hope about it yet.)}) Joe + Melinda got back from their trip Monday, and if they come up + visit Grandmother they might come + pick me up + we can all stay at Scott's (and I can get my pennies!)

July 16, 1989 (Sunday)
No particular developments on Grandmother. I sent off a subscription card to Metallix (still need to order back issues + subscribe to Metal Edge + Rip.) No word on when we got back to Florida, not that I'd care if I didn't want to have more than 7 and 2/3 hrs done for CASS. 92 and 1/3 hours, diminished only by four hours each time, is a lot! Maybe I can come in one afternoon a week when school starts, except diminishing by 1 and 1/2 hrs would be even slower! Suzanne, quit it, ce n'est pas en vous enervant que vous allez reussir.

July 20, 1989 (Thursday)
The 20th anniversary of Neil Armstrong first steps on the moon.

Granddaddy called yesterday. I get to go over there tomorrow (So maybe we can have our sale after all.) Y'see, they're gonna move back to the trailer from Pudge's where they've been staying, so apparently I can be there too.

Added later: Grandparents L + I went shopping. We got: A pink Garfield Aquarius nightgown, two fairly thickish-for-Florida long-sleeved shirts (one blue, one black) and one fuschia, one black T-shirts with interesting designs on them. Weird, a few years ago I wouldn't have worn either black or a T-shirt!)

July 23, 1989 (Sunday)
At Grandparents S's. Granddaddy gave me a pair of brown cowboy boots, copied me a videotape of Joe + Melinda's wedding. Also got to tape Doctor Who (Carnival of Monsters) and copy Dirty Dancing. Sold 4 baskets + 3 magnets (both Grandmothers, Pudge, Lena + Nancy) for $14.50 (plus $5 left of allowance [which I got on a monthly basis], after Metallix subscription, plus any more sales I make.) Grandmother's hip is turning out to be an asset; I have all the stuff set all around the room so every visitor to the trailer sees everything.

I'm supposed to go back to Morganton on the 1st (next Tuesday) so I can fill up the rest of the six hours on the videotape with a special on Aretha Franklin and another Doctor Who [before going back to my other grandparents' house, which didn't have a VCR].

July 29, 1989 (Saturday)
Revonda took me + Tanya to see Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. It was so funny. Left [to see]: UHF + Weekend at Bernie's.

Movie theatres make me horny! Doesn't matter who I'm with, who's in the movie, just the atmosphere (although sexy guys in the movie do increase it). Someday I'm going to go to a movie with a cute guy, wear a skirt with no panties, sit in the back row, get him to jerk me off in there! (and then go blow him in the car or someplace!) [No, I have not actually done this.]

August 7, 1989 (Monday)
Home (since Sat.) Mom being a bitch about taking me to the library (and I need to work!) Marie has invited me to spend the night tomorrow, since she's off from her job (at a jewelry place in Seminole Mall). My school starts on Aug. 24 (Thursday), Mom's on Aug. 17.

August 9, 1989 (Wednesday)
Marie's grandmother picked me up about noon yesterday. She took me to their house, and we messed around while her grandmother went to the doctor. Marie showed me how to work the curling iron, and we went over the "What Makes You Hot" from Faces and taped a few videos off Hard 60. Then about 4 we took about 6 pictures (3 of each) with my camera. Then when Marie's grandmother got back we went to Seminole Mall. She introduced me to a guy named Dion who she's gonna go out with once (to get him off her about going out; she's semi-involved with this bisexual guy named Rick.) and I met the kitten she's going to buy in a week or two. At the baseball card store where Dion worked I bought me a button saying "I'd enjoy the day more if it started later" and one for Granddaddy that says "Pilots have a certain air about them." Then at Spec's I bought Skid Row + Danzig. We walked around and Marie pointed out this absolutely gorgeous guy that hangs around the mall a lot (Kirk Hammett hair [back when Kirk had long hair] and a baby face -- mmrrph!!!) (Marie is going to try to get Dion to try to take some pictures of him with her camera and if so, she's gonna give me copies.) At McCrory's (where she gets an employee discount), she bought me a ring shaped like a silver snake and herself a keychain that says, "If I Promise To Miss You, Will You Go Away?" and some licorice. At Eckerds I bought some Rolos, a Tootsie Roll and a copy of Metal Shop. Then we called her Grandmother and we went back to her house.

Burgers for dinner. Then we went outside with the licorice and sat and talked to her neighbor Todd on topics as [diverse as] Mickey Mouse Club, Nostradamus, and burning oneself with grease.

Then we went inside and watched (and I taped) A Fish Called Wanda. Then we went to bed.

I improved; only woke up 20 min before Marie. Biscuits for breakfast and over it composed a missive for Todd consisting of an ad for the Mickey Mouse Club (which he made it quite clear that he hates) and another asking what gets him hot after quoting several of the examples from the rock musicians in Faces. We eventually got Michelle to deliver it. They did housework while I watched the videos Marie taped for me and copied "Youth Gone Wild" on her G'n'R tape. Eventually I taped a few videos off Hard 60 and then Marie's grandmother got home and took Marie to work and me home.

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