11th Grade Diary
Part 1

August 16, 1989 (Wednesday)
There's a lunar eclipse. I watched the beginning, until totality, with my binoculars from our front yard. No one else in the neighborhood was watching. It was beautiful. It's too late to go outside anymore but I can see it great from my bedroom window.

I worked at the library Monday and today so now I only have 85 and 1/2 hours left to do.

Mom's school starts tomorrow.

August 24, 1988 (Thursday)
School was OK. (It started today.) 1st period - English. Dr. Cline. Tom + Aaron both in it, so's Allana. Dr. Cline seems nice. 1st book - Oedipus.

2nd - French. Jeni. Mme. Griffin (Mme. Marx but divorced). Bon.

3rd - Physics, Mrs. Waters. Tom, Aaron, (Jim, Mike) Allana. Same old.

4th - History. Ms. Hoffman. OK. Keri, Ingrid.

Lunch - Me, Allana, Jeni, Rabia, Keri, Michelle, Linae at one table with Joanna stopping by to visit. First time in years I've eaten with that many people -- you couldn't hear a word anybody said!

7th - Psychology. Ms. Brooks. Keri, Ingrid. Hopefully Ms. Brooks won't rub me the wrong way the way she did in 9th grade.

9th - Math (Calculus!) Mr. Townsend. Aaron, Jeni. Go back to old diary + find description of Mr. Townsend.

10th - Theory of Knowledge -- Mr. Tuthill. (Also my homeroom teacher.) Nice enough -- always seemed a little confused when not actually teaching but remembered me since in homeroom he called me "Susan" and I go "Suzanne" and the David-Becky-Si types go "ooh" but 10th he remembered I'm Suzanne and even said "I got it right this time." Jeni, Ingrid, Keri, Michelle, and Joanna! (and there's a cute senior guy in this class too!)

Keith is still around, I saw him twice yesterday. Hair longer, and he's taller than last I noticed. Mr. Brown commented on how thin I'd gotten and liked Mom's "Reality Reeks" button (so did several others.)

No more Mr. White, now we've got Mr. Washington. We're route #769 now but we're still doing that nonsense with squashing 2 buses in 1 and there are more people on both buses than last year. John, Jerry, Matt + Cameron are still on the bus; Gina and Justin graduated (damn!) (so did Rick the Dick {riddance to rubbish!})

Except for those few absences, it doesn't seem like school ever ended.

August 25, 1989 (Friday)
The cute senior in TOK is named Thomas. Moore, I think Mr. Tuthill said.

August 29, 1989 (Monday)
Third day of school and I'm home because the bus never came. I waited from 6:35 to 7:15 (pickup time 6:40) no sign. Before we got to the stop I saw the tail lights of a bus going away from us down Seminole Blvd. Do you suppose it could have been him? That bus was too far away for me to see more than that the tail-lights were in the right pattern for a bus. More than five minutes early -- just what I need!

September 2, 1989 (Saturday)
Spent last night at Marie's. She called about 15 minutes after I got home and asked. Mom said yes but had to wait until 7 to take me. Then we went to Seminole Mall. We were going to see Weekend At Bernie's, but it was sold out so we saw Young Einstein. Not as good as I think Weekend at Bernie's would've been. Then I bought a Metal Edge. Then we went back to her house + ate cinnamon toast and watched bits of The Serpent and the Rainbow and The Terminator but went to bed surprisingly early for us + dreamed sweetly.

In the morning I got up first comme toujours, read Metal Edge, etc. Marie got up when Michelle woke her because they were gonna clean some because their grandfather was coming home from the hospital. Marie fixed pancakes and sausage. We ate them and watched Ghost Fever and then Lost Boys and Little Shop of Horrors and after that they dropped me off at home.

September 2, 1989 (Sunday)
Marie was bored so she called me + asked if I wanted to go to the mall. I was bored, so I did. This time we actually got there early enough to get tickets to Weekend At Bernie's. Hilarious movie! I also bought buttons: Normal is Boring, Life is Uncertain: Eat Dessert First, and You Should Donate Your Body to Science Fiction.

September 27, 1989 (Wednesday)
Just an update on school. Aaron Chausmer, Tom Brummer and Thomas E. Moore, Jr. are all fine + gorgeous. People were right when they said junior year's the hardest but listening to the sophomores cope with their first Davis test is fun. Not much else dire.

October 29, 1989 (Sunday)
Spent last night at Marie's. She called at 9 in the morning Saturday to ask I said yes. About 1:30 they picked me up + Marie + I went to Seminole Mall + killed time until the bus to Tyrone Mall came so at Aimes I bought [buttons] "Stupid People Shouldn't Breathe" and "Moody Bitch Seeks Kind, Considerate Guy for Love/Hate Relationship" and bought Marie one that says "If You Think You Feel Good, Wait Till You Feel Me!" Then we caught the Tyrone Mall bus; this was the first time I'd ridden the public bus, imagine! On the way, Marie told me about the Seminole-St. Pete game Friday night and how she sneaked off and blew some guy (Chris) and that it was the first time she'd done that while sober.

Then at Tyrone Mall I met the famous Rick, who Marie now thinks is an asshole. Then we went + wandered around and I bought The Rolling Stones and Mything Persons, a composition book for English with a purple tie-dyed-looking cover, and some cookies we ate. Then we rode home on the bus again + went back to Marie's. After we ate dinner (and looked at pictures; I showed Marie the picture of Warrant with Jani grabbing his crotch and she went hysterical {and I gave her the picture}) we went to Baskin-Robbins in hope of seeing this guy Ian that Marie is incredibly in lust with but he wasn't working there. So then we went to Madeira Beach Fun Center. Marie taught me how to play pool. We played stuff on the jukebox, Marie got "Heaven" and managed to miskey "18 and Life" and I got "Rocket Queen" and then on our next dollar (3/$1) the counter guy who Marie thought was hot asked her to play some REO song and she got "Animal" and I got "When The Music's Over." Later we went for a walk over to the bridge, Marie showed me how to get under it and then we walked over it. Then on firm ground again Marie walked on the railing, jumped down, and hurt her foot. So we turned around. Somewhere in this process Marie lost her "I'm not as think as you stoned I am" button off her shirt. When we got back we just sat down and waited for Marie's grandmother to come pick us up. When we got back we watched and I recorded "The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years." Except MTV, may they rot in hell for being censoring pigs, edited out most of the good bits! I need to get a real tape of that movie! Then we went to bed.

In the morning we woke up, ate pancakes, sorted out the pictures of Warrant and Tom Keifer that Marie lusted after. And rewound my videotape and other stuff until it was time for me to go. Marie gave her card to some people with little kids down the street for a babysitter.

Nov. 4, 1989 (Saturday)
Marie called + asked if I wanted to go out. I said sure. She and her friend Mary and Mary's boyfriend Johnny (and Mary's baby Samantha!). First we went to Madeira Beach Fun Center and played pool (me, of course, the worst there) and video games and then Johnny drove us to his house about 3 blocks from SPHS and then Johnny drove around to try and find some guy with some drugs while Mary, Marie, me + Samantha stayed in the house + read Playboy + Playgirl. Johnny didn't find the guy so eventually they drove us home. I can't say it was incredibly great but it killed one afternoon.

Nov. 23, 1989 (Thursday)

Shit! Goddamn!
Get off your ass and jam!

I got to see Faster Pussycat!!!! With Marie (Mom wouldn't let me go otherwise.) There's beer in my hair, my ears are still buzzing, and my neck is gonna be so sore tomorrow, but it was worth it!

Danger Danger were supposed to open but their singer got sick. We stood there for all the time they would've played, and were getting very impatient. Marie + I got there early enough so that at the start of the concert I was like three people (nothing so orderly as rows) from the stage.

And they were so great! To introduce Don't Change That Song, Taime goes, "you can change your friends, you can change your mind, you can change your underwear, but don't you ever change that song!" and for Slip Of The Tongue he asked if the guys liked eating pussy and then warned them about slips of the tongue there, and for Bathroom Wall he said he answered the phone and a woman goes "Is Taime there, 'cause I wanna suck his dick." Noting to us that he liked having his dick sucked, he asked the woman where she got his number. The answer, of course, was "off the bathroom wall!" The bit I quoted at the beginning is from the concert version of Babylon [later I heard those lines being chanted as part of the callbacks to the Rocky Horror Picture Show] and Taime had these sweat pants with "Shut up!" printed across the ass + "Babylon" down the side. And when they came back for their encore Brent pulled a bunch of bananas out of his pants + threw them into the audience, and Taime dumped Corona on us.

They played two (new album) [which I didn't yet own] I couldn't identify, and "Cathouse," "Bathroom Wall," "Smash Alley," "Don't Change That Song," "No Room For Emotion," "House of Pain," "A Bottle In Front of Me," "Slip of the Tongue," "Little Dove," and obviously, "Babylon" + "Poison Ivy," and did the Stones' "Honky Tonk Women" for the last encore. After they left before the encore, everyone was yelling "Shit! Goddamn! Get off your ass and jam!" And when they came back out Taime told us that "some stupid motherfucker" (and more, but I don't remember all of his most creative profanity) had locked the door back onto the stage so they almost didn't get back onstage. And earlier while Taime, Brent and Greg went + changed, Eric + Mark did this thing, just bass + drums + it was so great!

Eventually (unfortunately) the concert was over and we went outside and found a phone whie Marie complained about the boots she was wearing. Waiting for Marie's grandmother to come pick us up, there was this band from around here, Cry Tuff, passing out flyers, and one off them (either the singer or the bassist from what I can tell from the blurred way the pictures on this flyer came out) was so hot, he had on these tight white leather or plastic, maybe, pants and...oowh! And another one in red pants, the type that lace up the sides and leave spaces, and you could see he wasn't wearin' underwear. So we watched them until Marie's grandmother showed up. Mom made me go to bed when I got home at midnight so I took a flashlight and wrote the first half of this, and the rest this morning.

God, I hope I never become accustomed to concerts. I want them all to be this great!

Dec. 3, 1989 (Sunday)
Ozzy Osbourne born 1948
It's Sunday, I'm bored, and Michelle (White) has borrowed my other notebooks so I'll write lots of things in here.

Mom has let me open two of my Christmas presents early. They were: a pair of earrings, little silvery balls strung on wire with one hematite ball on each, and a purple tie-dyed shirt with interesting blue designs.

Mom spent last night at Archie's so I got to watch Headbanger's Ball. Now she's back, hung over or a reasonable facsimilie thereof, and told me to be quiet, so I'm in the front room, watching the videotape of Joe's wedding with the sound turned off. I plan to copy the interesting parts of the Aretha Franklin special and Dirty Dancing onto the end of this tape, and put better Doctor Whos on the other tape than the ones that are there now. And hopefully I'll find something to fit on the music videotape.

Friday I forged Mom's signature on a letter to let me get off the bus at Seminole Mall, got Mr. Driscoll [assistant principal] to sign it, got off, went to the library, checked out four books, and walked home. Mom wouldn't sign a note unless I could assure her I had a ride home, which is so ridiculous! I can walk that far and it's broad daylight in a public place, I won't get kidnapped.

School is fine. I got A's in everything except B's in Psych and English, and I would've gotten an A in English if it weren't for Dr. Cline's weird grading system. I even got an A in Physics which I can't believe -- physics is much harder this year. I'm glad I'm testing out this spring.

I stayed home from school Monday because I just couldn't face attending school. Didn't miss anything.

I have one month's allowance, $24. Mom put both our names on her present to Grandmother and Granddaddy L. so I don't have to buy them anything. I got Granddaddy S. a pin and Joe a used copy of Expanded Universe which I hope he doesn't have). I need to buy Mom + Grandmother S. and something more for Granddaddy S. Do you think a book is enough for Joe? He sent me a list of things he wanted. Should I get Melinda a gift? If I just buy stuff for Mom and Grandparents S., that's $8 each, Joe makes $6 + Melinda would make $4.80. I have absolutely no idea what to get anyone (except Joe). I hope I can find stuff, just go spend hours at Seminole Mall looking probably.

December 8, 1989 (Friday)
Jim Morrison born 1943
John Lennon assassinated 1980
Obviously, today, I wore black.

Mom let me open two more presents. One was a short-sleeved white shirt with thin horizontal purple sleeves. The other was two pairs of earrings, one pair is each two little blue stones connected by gold wire and the other are chains with little metal sand dollars on the ends.

December 15, 1989 (Friday)
We opened the rest of the presents. I got two bathrobes (both pink), more Youth Dew [perfume], a purple shirt, a blue nightshirt, a maroon sweater, a necklace stand and a wallet. Granddaddy also repaired my garnet necklace, and those snake earrings Mom paid for arrived. (Whoops! Forgot a silver bracelet and a gold and hematite one.)

Stayed home from school today. (Last day before vacation anyway.) Since although getting over a cold, I wasn't particularly sick, and I still hadn't had a chance to go shopping or even return the library books due today, I walked over to Seminole Mall, returned the books, went shopping, and walked back. I was only gone 1 and 1/2 hours, and Mom was at work so no danger. I bought Mom a chocolate Santa (I can tell her someone was selling them at school), three potholders for Grandmother, and a refrigerator magnet shaped like an eagle for Granddaddy (in addition to the button I already bought.) Grandmother wrote back that Melinda would probably like one of my needlepoint baskets so I'll make her one.

I'm going to North Carolina on Monday (the 18th) and coming back on Saturday the 30th.

Dec. 19, 1989 (Tuesday)
At Grandparents S's. Nothing happened on the flight (at least nothing like last year!)

Nothin' else has happened either so this was just a little update.

Dec. 21, 1989 (Thursday)
Grandmother + Granddaddy + I went shopping. They bought me 9 books: The Westing Game, Secrets of the Shopping Mall, Split Infinity, Charmed Life, Allana: The First Adventure, Dragonquest, Dragondawn, The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul, and What Might Have Been, and I paid for another "Cruel, Nasty, Neurotic, Paranoid, Antisocial But Basically Happy" button, and artificial purple flower, a book of patterns, and a marked-down copy of Dokken's Back For The Attack on cassette. I paid for those with 2/3 of the $15 Pudge game me (the other $5 is earmarked for my bank account.) I also got socks and a necklace from Willie Mae and an (early) denim tape case from Grandmother.

Christmas Eve 1989 (Dec. 24) (Sunday)
Boyoboyoboy! I got lotsa stuff! Books (not counting what I already listed) Friday, Interview With The Vampire, + Mythnomers and Impervections. Records: Wake Me When It's Over, Sonic Temple, L.A. Guns, The Best of Aretha Franklin, Short Sharp Shocked, and Strange Days (the last on cassette), $165, a necklace (gold heart with a diamond), a white shirt, a denim vest, tan boots, plastic canvas, + lots of other shit.

December 26, 1989 (Tuesday)
At Grandmother L.'s. But they don't got no more presents for me, (sniff). They sent 'em to Martha's so I get to open them on New Year's or somesuch. God, I hope Mom has a date on New Decade Eve (which technically it isn't, not until next year, but the proles are quite determined to do it now). I may not watch MTV's this year, nobody good, except Living Colour (or just watch them, more likely.)

New Years Eve 1989
In the morning: I flew home last night. It was a nice flight. Mom didn't meet me so I got to take the airport limo. I was worried while I was waiting 'cause the guy just said to sit down and the driver would call out the address and for the longest time nobody called out any address, but finally they did. So I rode in the airport limo (van, more like it) with a bunch of old ladies. The driver was nice. I got home a little before 11.

Incidentally, see entry on the Faster Pussycat concert, the two I couldn't identify were "Where There's A Whip There's A Way" and "Pulling Weeds."

10:30 p.m. - Mom's on a date, I'm watching my videotape and fully expect to be staring at Decline II at New Year's Minute.

Resolutions (New Year, New Decade)
  1. This above all, to thine own self be true.
  2. Music is more important than anything.
  3. Books are more important than anything except music.
  4. Thou shalt remember the Eleventh Commandment and keep it wholly.
  5. Form/Join a band.

January 1, 1990 (Monday)
Ushered in the New Year watching Odin and unknown musicians saying "but I will be a rock star." Good omen, yeah? Nous esperons!

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