usf. misc Lunches of the Past

These pictures come from whatever .misc lunches I (Suzanne Saunders) attended and bothered to annoy my fellow .miscers by pulling out a camera at. For more information on usf.misc, read the usf.misc FAQ or the main usf.misc homepage.

Summer 1995

Right photo: Shira, Vicki, and Ben D.

Left photo: Rob, Drew, and Suzanne

Spring 1996

Right photo: Lauri (with baby Ethan), Vicki, and Brent

Left photo: Dave, Sandi and Matt

Fall 1996 -- Brent's Farewell Lunch

L-R: Suzanne, Manuel, Ben O., and Brent himself.

Later in the fall of 1996

Left photo: Rob, Deb, Jon, and Suzanne

Right photo: Ben O., Chad, Shira and Vicki

April 1998

Readers of usf.misc come out to support Rob & Bob's bid for USF Student Government President and VP.

L-R: Manuel, Vicki, Rob and Bob.

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