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This is a place where you can find out a little bit about the University of South Florida newsgroup usf.misc, which was active in the mid-1990s. After most of the regulars graduated and no longer had access to USF newsgroups, there was an egroups mailing list, but that seems to have disappeared too. I just keep this stuff on my own website for nostalgia purposes, even though I had to get rid of the outdated email addresses and web links. All the other stuff is out of date as well, but fun to read about and remember the Internet in its earlier days.


A copy of the usf.misc FAQ is available. The topics covered in the FAQ are as follows:

  1. What is usf.misc?
  2. What about these other newsgroups?
  3. Who is this Benevolant Dictator (tm) guy?
  4. So who are you?
  5. What does "the Devil's child" mean?
  6. What's this stuff about you being a bartender? Where do you work?
  7. So can I post my opinions here too?
  8. Can I post test messages on usf.misc?
  9. You guys go to lunch together?
  10. Why do I sometimes get an error when I try to post that says 'no message left on device'?
  11. What does it mean when it asks for a distribution when I post?
  12. So what's the deal with there being a usf.misc Home page?
  13. I want to get on cfrdc (sunlink). How do I do this from my account?
  14. I am having a problem with my system. Who do I e-mail?
  15. When I post to usenet, my address is reprinted incorrectly in the header. What do I do?
  16. Is the Oracle on the net?
  17. Who owns this newsgroup?
  18. You are kidding, right? This is all a joke, isn't it?

Newsreaders (Instructions from the 1990s)

There are several ways to read news at USF. Because not all systems support the same software, you'll need to check with your system operator to verify what is available to you. Some of the most common ways to read news are:

To read the newsgroup, usf.misc, click here. If you are not in the domain, you may need to change your default NNTP server to in order to read the group.

usf.misc PEOPLE

People from all areas of USF can post on the usf.* newsgroups. Many have developed their own home pages and are linked to interesting areas on the World Wide Web. If you're browsing I'd recommend starting here!

The people listed below contribute regularly to the posts on usf.* groups, or used to do so.

You can also check out pictures of usf.misc lunches past.

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